Generated Materials Recovery, a Phoenix, Arizona based commercial recycling service center founded in 1996, has recently found its GPS tracking software adds additional ‘green’ value to their fleet. 

Imagine running a business that relies on a GPS solution for optimizing productivity. One day, out of the blue, your GPS provider goes out of business. Now you have no way to track your fleet.

That is exactly what happened to Phoenix based municipal business, Generated Materials Recovery.

Having no alternative solution to managing their green fleet, the commercial recycling service center turned to GPS Trackit for a reliable, non-proprietary GPS solution.

Finding a GPS vehicle tracking system that would provide GMR with real-time vehicle location for their green fleet was important to maintaining top-notch customer service among their clients.

Whatever the solutions, GMR needed a GPS system that was simple to install and even easier to use.

green fleet It was necessary for the company to manage fuel consumption, as maintaining a positive environmental footprint is important to the company’s ‘green’ mission.

Brad Smith, a GMR representative, states, “Along with our GPS solution, we do have a product in place that helps with our fuel efficiency. Not to mention, we are a recycling company, so we are impacting not only our own environmental footprint, but we’re doing the same for many businesses around Phoenix, as well as within the rest of the U.S.”

Using the X4000B GPS vehicle and equipment tracking solution, GMR has:

▪ Improved their customer service
▪ Improved driver accountability
▪ Reduced fuel consumption
▪ Continued to improve their environmental footprint

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