The Innovations that Have Changed Craft Brewing

Creating beer is both an art and a science. After thousands of years of careful experimentation and perfection of the biochemical fermentation process, some recent innovations have changed the way brewers work, leading most of us to ask the question: what’s next?

Temperature Control and Asset Tracking

There are few people who can resist the call of an ice cold beer cracked open on a sunny day. Beer is generally served cold, as changes in temperature can cause alterations in brew taste and even texture, thereby ruining product integrity.

So, how do breweries prevent their shipments from succumbing to temperature fluctuations before they ever see grocery shelves? By installing a GPS temperature monitoring device that can send alerts to fleet managers and delivery drivers, should any hazardous changes in temperature occur.Modern beer connoisseurs need not suffer with lukewarm drinks any longer, not with access to the innovation of refrigeration and temperature control.

Aside from supporting your temperature monitoring device, a GPS tracking unit can prove another modern convenience that enables brewing companies to monitor their inventory and reduce unnecessary expenditures. With access to GPS temperature monitoring technology, modern fleet managers can check the condition and timeline of every truck in their fleet. This ensures timely deliveries or prompt notifications to customers if anything changes in the expected schedule.

No longer are distilleries paying for products lost in transit or losing profits due to enthusiastic thieves. With GPS tracking, you can be sure of where your product is at any given time.

Growing breweries also rely on fresh grains, yeast, and hops, so timely deliveries matter. With GPS truck tracking, distilleries can track incoming deliveries and plan their orders accordingly. Regular, reliable shipments allow your brewery to accurately order ingredients before they are needed, so production timelines remain intact.

AI-Brewed Beer

For many years, humans have relied on their natural tasting abilities to produce consistent and delicious brews, but one brewing company has taken it to the next level. IntelligentX Brewing Company has launched the first beer ever designed and produced by an artificial intelligence.

Using feedback from human tasters, this AI creates algorithms to make any changes and improvements necessary from batch to batch until quality and consistency is established. With this computerized production, manufacturers can expedite the brewing process, making the products available to the public faster than ever before.

Anyone concerned with the loss of the art form need not worry: humans are still needed to invent and taste new flavors, the AI unit just speeds up the process.

While not quite ready to enter the mainstream craft brewing industry, this new process just goes to show that humans are exceptionally creative when it comes to technological innovations.In this new era of science-fiction-like innovation, inventors are leaving their marks on the craft brewing industry. With temperature regulations, location tracking, and machines taking part in the kettle to keg process, we should all look forward to whatever comes next.