Every business manager knows that time is money, especially if you are a small business manager or owner/operator that wears a lot of different hats. You may be the bookkeeper, the dispatcher, the fleet manager, and possibly even a driver — all in the same day! If your company owns a fleet of vehicles, all those little management tasks can add up quickly, especially if you don’t have an effective system in place.

Vehicle tracking systems can help you save time, which means also saving money, in the following four ways:

  1. Reduce billing time – Collecting time sheets from drivers, entering the data into your accounting system, and creating invoices for customers can be very time consuming. Factor in the errors caused by incorrect entries and the time it takes to correct them and watch your billing cycle get longer and longer. Vehicle tracking systems make it easy for your to export driver time sheets into a format you can use. No more data entry, and no more driver time sheet mistakes.
  2. Reduce maintenance tracking time – Some maintenance tasks depend on factors like mileage or engine hours. Manually recording miles from every vehicle in a fleet takes time. Engine hours are even harder to track because they depend on accurate driver logs. GPS vehicle tracking systems can track all of this information for you. Simply run a report and see all the information you need on one screen. You can also set up automatic reminders when a vehicle reaches a certain mileage or logs a certain amount of engine hours.
  3. Reduce dispatcher time – Don’t rely on drivers to tell you where they are, simply look at a real-time map of all your vehicles to find out which one is closest to the next customer call. You and your drivers save time communicating and your customer benefits from a shorter wait time.
  4. Reduce business management time – Managing a fleet means making important decisions about staffing, maintenance, purchasing, and more. Use accurate reporting data to get every detail you need to analyze performance.  All the data is already compiled for you, and because it is collected in real time, you can be confident that it is complete. Analytics let you track behavior over time in an easy-to-understand snapshot view. You don’t even have to wade through reports to get a clear understanding of the big picture.

Vehicle tracking systems from GPSTrackIt will save you time and help you increase profits. In fact, most fleet managers see a return on the investment after just a few months. What could you do with all the extra time you would save by implement vehicle tracking systems for your fleet?