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Blog - Fleets See the Bottom-Line Benefit of Going GreenFleets See the Bottom-Line Benefit of Going Green

Today, going green isn’t the radical act it once was. Thinking about emissions or carbon footprints is just a part of the daily routine of business.This is particularly the case for fleet managers no matter what type of fleet or vehicle they may be managing. Following is a snapshot of several fleets that have found success going green. While each one has a different mission and function, they share one thing in common: a….

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Blog - Could Coffee Run Your Fleet Vehicles?Could Coffee Run Your Fleet Vehicles?

Researchers from the United Kingdom’s University of Bath have discovered a way to turn used coffee grounds into an alternative fuel to power vehicles. The process, called transesterification, chemically transforms the grounds into biodiesel. The study, which was published in the ACS Journal Energy & Fuels, explains how the researchers extracted oil from coffee grounds by….

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Blog - Tesla Model X on track to ship; carmaker is winning N.J. dealer fightTesla Model X on track to ship; carmaker is winning N.J. dealer fight

Tesla Motors Inc. is on the verge of winning its fight to sell its electric cars directly to the public in New Jersey, as the company says it is on track to start on its deliveries of its Model X electric sport utility vehicle next year. The Palo Alto automaker has been fighting dealers and their lobbyists in multiple states over its efforts to sell electric cars through….

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