It’s a terrifyingly familiar scenario: a motorist with a car totaled beyond recognition, accusing a semi driver of causing the accident and demanding recompense.

But there’s a twist. A frame-by-frame analysis of footage captured by the driver’s truck dashboard camera tells a different story. It shows the motorist begin to drift outside their lane, then quickly overcompensate with a lurch in the opposite direction. The car swerves into the semi, which (according to the reviewed footage) never leaves its own lane. The other driver, as it turns out, was at fault all along.

This unprecedented insight into the critical events involved in a collision is the future that fleet video monitoring promises.

Fleet Camera Systems Are Here to Stay

Scenarios like the one described above will likely become more common as fleets and commercial drivers across the world discover the benefits of dash camera surveillance. Current estimates predict that, over the next five years, hundreds of millions of truck cameras will be active on our roads. The benefits of driving this rapid adoption are already being experienced by commercial vehicle operations of all sizes and scopes:

  • Improvements in Driver Behavior
  • Decreased Accident Rates
  • Rapid and Accurate Claim Resolution
  • Criminal Deterrent


Fleets are Ready…But What About Drivers?

Driver-facing dash cameras are quickly becoming popular companions to forward-facing cams, but the use of these requires some special considerations. Not everyone is entirely open to the idea of a camera watching them while they’re on the clock. Some drivers may perceive cab-facing cameras as a violation of privacy, while others may worry that their employer doesn’t trust them.

When drivers are hesitant to accept driver cameras, it’s up to fleet owners and managers to ensure that they are introduced in the most positive way possible. The introduction process may be helped along by the creation of a driver incentive program in which drivers are rewarded for the good behavior (or lack of bad behavior) witnessed via the cameras.

Drivers may benefit from being reminded that vehicle cameras can prove invaluable when it comes to defending against false and fraudulent claims. With clear video documentation of their behavior surrounding an incident, much of the ambiguity and uncertainty that typically characterizes an accident involving commercial drivers can be dispelled.

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