With double digit growth of the use of fleet management tools in Europe we expect to see similar trends in the United States by 2018. A recent report from the analyst firm Berg Insight puts the number of actively deployed systems at 3.65 million in the fourth quarter of 2013 in Europe alone. The educated expectation is that there will be 7.10 million systems deployed by 2018 in Europe alone.

The Major Players

Major players in the industry in the United States, such as GPS Trackit, are poised to take advantage of these strong global growth trends as the integration of GPS monitoring and robust reporting tools are fine-tuned making software for Fleet Management even more attractive.

How Are Vehicle Makers Responding?

Demand for fleet management systems has led to some significant trends in the commercial vehicle industry. Some of the leading heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) manufacturers have begun including their own proprietary solutions as standard equipment using subscription models. While truck manufacturers build-in GPS products, there will always be a niche for more versatile GPS Tracking providers that can create specialized solutions that address industry-specific needs like GPS Trackit’s web-based fleet management solutions that run on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The ability to nimbly serve Fleet Managers the tools and specialized reports that they need to be more productive is the main driver behind the strong growth our firm has experienced in the last several years.

The Changing Provider Landscape

As often happens during periods of rapid business growth, the players are changing places through a flurry of mergers and acquisitions. Senior Analyst Johan Fagerberg noted in the Berg Insight’s report that seven major transitions have occurred since the beginning of this year. At GPS Trackit, we expect that there will be further consolidations in our industry.

With strong growth of GPS fleet tracking occurring in Europe, will fleet management companies in the United States embrace programs to the extent they’ve been incorporated in the European marketplace? Technology has developed to make current fleet management systems invaluable for increasing productivity and safety while reducing expenses. Savvy fleet managers in the U.S. will certainly want to make use of every tool at their disposal. We invite you to call us at GPS Trackit (866) 320-5810 to preview our systems and robust reporting that helps you to get a consistent ROI year after year.