Labor Day Weekend might be a holiday for you, but it isn’t for those looking for an easy cargo theft target.

Cargo theft rates typically skyrocket over holiday weekends like Labor Day because many operators are taking time off—leaving loads unprotected. How big of a problem is it? The top three targeted states—California, Texas, and Florida—see an average of $7 million in loss over just those three days. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to safeguard your cargo and keep your drivers safe this Labor Day weekend. 


  1. Plan ahead.


One of the most important steps you can take to prevent cargo theft is to plan ahead. Be aware of high-risk areas and times of day and adjust your routes accordingly. Use GPS tracking software to monitor your vehicles and identify any unusual stops or deviations from the planned route. Make sure your drivers are aware of the increased risk of cargo theft over Labor Day weekend and provide them with specific strategies for mitigating that risk.


  1. Secure your cargo.


Securing your cargo is another key component of preventing theft. Use quality locks and seals on your trailers to make them more difficult to breach. Train your drivers on best practices for securing cargo and make sure they are following those practices consistently. Consider adding additional security measures like GPS asset tracking modules, video monitoring, or even armed security guards if necessary.


  1. Educate your drivers.


Make sure all drivers know how to recognize suspicious activity and how to report it. Encourage them to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings at all times. If you’re using a GPS tracking system, make sure you’re monitoring the dashboard during vulnerable times so you can take action quickly when you see something suspicious. One GPS Trackit client was able to secure a stolen vehicle in less than an hour with quick response time and real-time location monitoring. The driver was even able to finish his full route for the day. 


  1. Collaborate with law enforcement.


Collaborating with law enforcement can be an effective way to prevent cargo theft. Contact local law enforcement agencies before the holiday weekend and let them know about your routes and schedules. Ask for their assistance in monitoring high-risk areas or providing additional patrols in areas where your cargo may be vulnerable. Sharing GPS tracking information with law enforcement is also the fastest way to recover stolen cargo or vehicles. 


  1. Monitor social media.


Thieves often use social media to identify potential targets and gather information about shipment schedules and routes. Monitoring social media can help you stay ahead of potential threats and adjust your plans accordingly. Set up alerts for mentions of your company or specific keywords related to your industry and stay informed of any trends or patterns in activity.


Labor Day weekend can be a challenging time for fleet managers, but with proper planning and precautionary measures, you can protect your cargo and drivers from theft. Taking steps like planning ahead, securing your cargo, educating your drivers, collaborating with law enforcement, and monitoring social media can help you reduce the risks and enjoy a safe and successful holiday weekend. Don’t let cargo theft ruin your weekend. Talk to an experienced Fleet Advisor to learn how to use the powerful theft-prevention tools at your disposal.