As the business manager, do you pride yourself on having a mutually open relationship with your GPS tracking fleet manager? Don’t kid yourself. No matter how much your employees like and respect you, there will always be topics they are reluctant to bring up with the person who has the power to hire and fire.

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Fortunately, you don’t need GPS tracking to uncover these sensitive subjects. Most of them will fall under one of these five categories.

  1. “We need new vehicles.”

When business is down and money is tight, a knee-jerk reaction is to put a freeze on vehicle replacements until sales recover enough. A good fleet manager knows this is a textbook example of “penny wise and pound foolish” that will end up costing you more in higher maintenance charges and reduced productivity.

  1. “We need to spend more money.”

Informing you that larger and more expensive vehicles are needed is even more intimidating. Since your manager works on the front lines with access to relevant data from GPS tracking reports, you should feel confident that he has solid information to support his request.

  1. “We have no money left.”

No matter how carefully a budget is planned, there is always a possibility of unforeseen circumstances blowing a hole in it. If your fleet manager is generally intelligent and capable, discuss the situation in a constructive way. Find out the reasons behind the problem and what the manager has learned about preventing a repeat occurrence.

  1. “Your idea makes no sense.”

Driving a luxury car and reading Motor Trend doesn’t make you an automotive expert. You hired the fleet manager to do a particular job, so trust him to do it.

  1. “My idea was a dud.”

No one is perfect, so it’s inevitable that at some point your fleet manager will make a decision that backfires. As long as he acted responsibly with solid reasoning, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. It’s tough to perform effectively when you’re afraid any misstep will cost you your job.

Part of your job is making sure your fleet manager has the tools to do his. Contact us to learn why our state-of-the-art GPS fleet tracking system is the perfect solution for both of you.