Finding the Right Fleet Management Solution for Your Business:
The Questions to Ask

Getting the Maximum Value from Your New System: Service, Training & Support Questions

When you’re purchasing a new GPS tracking and fleet management system, you’re not just signing up for the hardware and solution — you’re also signing up for service. In order to get the maximum return on investment in your new system, it’s crucial that your new business partner provides you with the training and support you need to be successful. Before you decide to sign on the dotted line, be sure to ask the following questions so you know what to expect.
What are your customer service hours?
Before you decide to go forward with selecting the right GPS tracking and fleet management solution, it’s important to understand what kind of service and support you’ll have available to you — as well as when it’s available. Find out the hours that the customer service and support teams are available and ensure it ticks the boxes for when you think you’ll need them most.

Click here to see GPS Trackit’s Customer Service & Support Hours.

How can I contact your service and support teams?
Getting in touch with a company’s customer care and support teams can sometimes be frustrating, particularly if there aren’t multiple ways to get in touch. Look for a company that offers multiple support channels, such as phone, email and online chat.

GPS Trackit offers both phone and email support.

Is there a charge for contacting support?
Having an in-house support team can be expensive, so it’s a sad fact of life that some companies charge a fee for support via per minute line charges or a per contact charge on your bill. When you’re implementing a new system, you’re likely going to have questions that need to be answered. Look for a company that understands that and doesn’t charge you for accessing the support you need.

GPS Trackit never charges for contacting the in-house Support Team.
How often can I access training and how much does it cost?
Once you’ve got your brand-new solution in place, you’re going to want to know how it works. Having access to an expert training team is essential for getting the maximum value and ROI on your new fleet management solution. Depending on the size of your company, you may need to schedule multiple trainings at different times, or you may even want to train new employees or take a refresher course down the line. Find out how often you can access training and what the costs are before you proceed with buying a new solution.

GPS Trackit includes unlimited training in your package — access expert trainers when you need to.

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