Few people know just how close we came to holiday disaster last December. The media kept the event hush-hush for the sake of the children. Today the time has come to share the story with the world so we can learn from the past and avoid another crisis in the future.

Blog - Even Santa Uses GPSTrackIt to Protect His Sleigh!The evening of December 24 began much like it had every other year. Santa and his reindeer were joyfully making their rounds, delivering gifts to the homes of good little boys and girls. But midway through the evening, something happened that put the holiday tradition in serious jeopardy.

Some mischievous kids who were up well past their bedtime spotted Santa’s sleigh on a neighboring roof during one of his stops. They quickly shimmied up a nearby tree and made off with the sleigh and remaining gifts, laughing all the way.

Santa emerged from the chimney to the devastating sight of an empty rooftop. The culprits were gone without a trace, so Santa didn’t have the slightest clue of where to begin searching. What was he going to do about all the deliveries yet to be made? The thought of those disappointed little faces was more than he could bear.

Fortunately, Santa’s faithful elves stepped up to the challenge. They quickly loaded the back-up sleigh with gifts and sped off to the next homes on the schedule. Thanks to their efficient response, the deliveries were completed just before the sun began peeking across the horizon with few people any the wiser.

Of course, Santa knew all too well how badly the night could have ended. After some serious reflection, he realized that Rudolph’s red nose was no longer a sufficient security measure. It was time to put away the old-school methods and embrace 21st-century technology.

This year Santa’s sleigh is equipped with a state-of-the-art GPSTrackIt system. The elves can easily monitor his real-time progress back at North Pole Central, receiving immediate notification if someone tries to tamper with the sleigh or its contents. The geo-fencing feature is also useful to avoid the homes of last year’s thieves and others on the “bad” list.

Don’t let disaster befall your vehicles any time of the year. Take a page from Santa’s playbook and let GPSTrackIt provide a full-service solution for your fleet management needs.

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