A key component in cost-effective fleet management is encouraging your drivers to actively participate in helping you keep costs down. Because the fuel budget does not come out of their pockets, drivers may not be inclined to take the shortest route, use fuel cards, or turn off the engine when they will be stopped for long periods of time. Taking steps to improve driver accountability can help you boost profits and reduce expenses.

GPS fleet tracking is one of the most powerful tools you can use to ensure that your drivers stay accountable for their actions. Features like idling reports, fuel card integration, and speeding alerts can help you ensure that drivers contribute to reducing expenses and staying safe on the road. Now you can increase driver accountability even more with trail to route comparison, a new feature from GPS Trackit.

GPS Fleet Tracking with Trail to Route Comparison

Trail to route comparison is used in combination with route optimization to show whether a driver followed the route that was assigned to them. After dispatchers or manager create a smart route and send it to the GPS unit in the vehicle, it’s up to drivers to follow it.

Now you can evaluate all of the following factors with trail to route comparison.

  • Ignition on/off – See where along the route the driver turned the vehicle on or off. Perhaps they made an unscheduled stop that was still on the route. You’ll know about it if you use trail to route comparison.
  • Travel start/stop – If a driver stops the vehicle for a long time without turning the engine off it can also be a sign of an unscheduled stop.
  • Drive events – Find out when and where a driver was speeding, idling, or exhibiting other undesirable behavior.
  • Route diversions – A map with the actual vehicle trail superimposed over the assigned route will show just how closely the driver followed the directions provided. If you see a major detour, you can find out why the driver deviated from the suggested route.

When drivers know their actual routes are being compared to the assigned ones, they are more likely to stick to the plan, which means more savings for you and better service for your customers.

GPS Trackit adds new features all the time so you can continue to optimize your fleet. The more you know, the better you can make important management decisions that affect the entire business. Request a quote today to get started with a free consultation. We’ll help you calculate just how much you can save with GPS fleet tracking.

How would GPS fleet tracking with trail to route comparison help you improve driver accountability?