Vehicle tracking systems can be used both actively and passively. Many fleet managers and owner-operators use GPS tracking in both ways to get the most from their investment.

A passive approach might include:

  • Using triggered alerts so you know when drivers arrive at a landmark
  • Monitoring monthly reports to track driver behavior
  • Tracking a vehicle only when it is lost or stolen

A more active approach to vehicle tracking systems includes:

  • Verifying time sheets based on actual driver locations
  • Submitting certified payrolls
  • Using analytic reports to make fleet decisions
  • Implementing fuel cards and ensuring drivers use them at designated locations
  • Improving the efficiency of dispatching

Using Vehicle Tracking Systems for Efficient Dispatching

The faster you can get drivers from point A to point B, the more customers you will be able to serve. Dispatching is a key component in ensuring that your fleet operates as efficiently as possible. Use your GPS system to improve dispatching in the following ways:

  • Plan smart routes – You might not be able to tell which route is the fastest simply by looking at a map, but your GPS system can. Use your vehicle tracking system to create a route plan at the beginning of the day so your drivers know exactly where they need to go. Efficient route planning not only saves time, but it can also help you reduce fuel costs and create a greener fleet.
  • Dispatch the closest driver – When unscheduled customer visits are required, your dispatchers can easily dispatch a driver by viewing a real-time map or clicking on the location and asking the GPS software to identify the closest vehicle. You will be able to respond more quickly to customers, and you’ll reduce your overall mileage.
  • Re-route wisely – When the day doesn’t go as planned, sticking with the original route is not always the best idea. Dispatchers can quickly re-route a vehicle if they get off track or need to respond to an urgent customer call. With some vehicle tracking systems, the driver also has the ability to create a new smart route, freeing up dispatcher time for other vehicles.

GPSTrackIt can help you select a system with the features that will be the most useful to you. Whether you want the most basic ability to find a stolen vehicle, or a full suite of features that allows you to truly optimize your fleet, we’ve got a solution for you. Request a quote today to get started with a consultation.

How do you currently dispatch your vehicles?

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