How GPS Tracking is Modernizing Cemeteries

You have probably noticed in your own short lifetime that modern grave markers are less distinctive and unique than the headstones of yesteryear. While those large granite markers do have character, they don’t fit with the trend of making cemeteries look less like burial grounds and more like meadows. Developer Richard Weintraub is facing this and other issues with his proposed Malibu development.

Sorry, No Vacancies

Weintraub attempted to build a resort/hotel along the famed Pacific Coast Highway of Malibu for many years. The area is filled with celebrities and other well-offs who want to protect as much of the natural landscape as possible, prevent the intrusion of more people, avoid the relentless traffic visitors will bring, and stamp out the devastatingly large carbon footprints these undesirables will most certainly leave.

Cue the reaper

Developer Weintraub thinks the locals will be more welcoming of people if they are sure these new folks will be well behaved…as in dead. Not only do dead men tell no tales, they also drive no cars, throw no loud parties, and have no street lights to interfere with their neighbor’s enjoyment of the starry night skies.

I don’t see dead people

Weintraub says, “It will not look or feel like any cemetery that anyone has ever seen.” There will be no headstones or markers of any type, with the possible exception of small circles. Many residents, including Cindy Landon, widow of actor Michael Landon, prefer the planned memorial park to the hotel option, as long as it is done as Weintraub has described.

Keeping track of resting places

Visitors to those in repose will use GPS navigation to find the grave sites of their loved ones. The GPS tracking technology is already utilized by national cemeteries like Arlington National Cemetery and Calverton National Cemetery, where headstones are all uniform in appearance. GPS marking is also needed in natural cemeteries, where any grave markings must be of natural material that will weather away in a hundred or so years, leaving nothing but the digital memory, possibly stored in The Cloud.

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