5G Technology Supply Chain Crisis Affects Fleet Management

Experts predict that ultra-fast and ultra-connected new 5G cellular technology will become standard in supply chain industries before the end of the decade. 100 times faster than previous iterations of this technology and soon to be almost universally accessible, this “fifth generation” is poised to transform the shipping and trucking industries. Read More

Computer Chip Shortage Slows Class 8 Heavy Truck Production

The semiconductor shortage is short-circuiting heavy-duty truck production as supply-chain disruptions hamper efforts to meet robust demand for new big rigs.
North American production of Class 8 trucks, the big vehicles that haul most domestic freight, sank this summer to its lowest level since May 2020. Read More

The Next Thing in Electric Fleet Vehicles?

There’s obviously a lot of talk about the coming wave of EV and autonomous vehicles in both consumer and commercial markets. Despite the fanfare (or infamy) of these coming technological evolutions, there are a couple of present-day roadblocks that fleet managers are looking to solve. One of the biggest issues with EV is the battery life relative to the distance a vehicle can travel. For long-haul trucking, we’re just not there yet. Read More

GPS Trackit Announces Leading-Edge Video Telematics Solution

VidFleet transforms road safety with high-resolution video, edge processing, and real-time in-cab audible alerts.

Atlanta, GA, July 20, 2021 – GPS Trackit, a leading provider of video, fleet, and asset tracking systems, announced today it has launched VidFleet™ – a cutting-edge, connected video telematics system with features that range from a 360-degree view of the road and driver to real-time in-cab audible alerts and the industry’s clearest picture.

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We’re excited to announce the launch of VidFleet™ – smart dash cam video that gives you the power …. GPS Trackit’s video offerings provide fleets with a comprehensive range of solutions from forward-facing to multi-camera, and from 360-degree dash cam views to the most advanced AI in the industry.

In-Cabin Voice Coaching Improves Fleet Driver Performance

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Reducing Carbon Emissions from Last-Mile Delivery Vehicles

When it comes to issues in fleet management like fuel usage, idle time and route optimization, we usually turn our attention to the benefits of telematics and GPS tracking through the lens of ROI, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. After all, these are extremely important. But what about the carbon emissions impact of commercial vehicles? Read More