It is entirely natural for employees to expect recognition for their hard work. Recognizing and rewarding this good work is a great way to show that you truly care about your employees. In addition to the inevitable morale boost, rewarding employees will also drive them to be more productive while on the job. The following are five easy and inexpensive employee reward ideas you can use to recognize your staff for their hard work.


Employee of the Month Program

Honoring the top-performing employee in the company each month is a great way to bring attention to hard work and encourage healthy competition. While a simple certificate may be enough to satisfy your employees, the reward will mean a lot more to them if they receive something a bit more significant, like a small gift card to their favorite restaurant or retail store.


Take-Home Vehicle Program

If your business has a fleet of vehicles, you may want to consider allowing your employees to use them for transportation to and from work. Access to a company vehicle is seen as a major benefit for many workers. If concerns about the safety of your vehicles are preventing your company from initiating a take-home problem, consider using a GPS vehicle tracking system to monitor the movement and use of your vehicles.


Extra Time Off

Everyone needs some time away from their job to relax and clear their mind. Show your employees that you care about their personal lives by giving them some extra time off after completing a huge project. The extra expense of providing one or two days of paid leave to your top employees will be well worth it when they come back refreshed and ready to complete the next big task.


Throw an Office Party

An office party is a great way to honor everyone in the company at the same time. The party can be as simple as putting up a few decorations and providing a free lunch. Company morale often climbs when coworkers are able to have fun together and build trust, so the occasional party can act as a great team-building exercise.


Hand-Written Appreciation Notes

Few things can demonstrate your dedication to your employees better than hand-written appreciation notes. Your employees will appreciate that you took time out of your busy day to write them a note recognizing their hard work.


Maintaining positive company morale is vital to running a successful business. If your employees are not invested in the company, consistency, and quality of work can falter. An inexpensive reward is all it takes to demonstrate your appreciation for your crew.