GPS Tracking of Stolen Assets

Have you ever looked at your monthly bank statement and wondered where all the money went? Maybe you could try the successful strategy recently used by the Chicago Police Department and a local bank. A GPS tracking device was placed inside a bag of stolen cash leading to the quick apprehension of the suspect.

Robber gets more than he bargained for…

After motioning to his waistband to imply that he was armed, Hill told the teller not to press the alarm button and to hand over everything in the drawer. The teller complied, handing over $2,513 in cash along with something that Hill had not requested: a hidden GPS tracker.

A speedy recovery…

Within minutes, the GPS device began transmitting a signal to the Chicago Police Department, who were able to immediately track Hill to his location at the 63rd Street Red Line train station. They recognized him from a surveillance photo furnished by the bank. Hill was arrested shortly before 1 PM, less than an hour after the robbery, and all the cash was recovered.

Hill, who was charged with bank robbery, subsequently confessed to an FBI agent during a post-arrest interview. He also admitted to tearing up the piece of paper with his demand note.

How did the process work?

Bank officials explained that the GPS device is secured inside a bundle that looks like a pack of $50 bills. They stated that the device had been used three times previous to May’s incident and the robbers were caught on two of the occasions. On the third, the robber discovered the device and got rid of it before police could track him.

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