Digital technologies are changing how businesses handle operations in the field. What was once a job that required workers to remain efficient and productive despite isolation, now requires frequent communication with coworkers. Digital tools drive this change because they allow for intuitive collaboration across multiple lines of business. So, let’s take a look at the best practices for using digital tools to integrate field service management into your business.

7 Benefits of Telematics and GPS Tracking for Effective Field Service Fleet Management

One of the biggest benefits of digitizing your approach to field services management is time savings. For instance, Scott at Thompson Trading was hemorrhaging time trying to monitor and optimize his fleet’s routes and efficiencies. However, after implementing the GPS Trackit system, Scott reported that he saw substantial time savings and no longer needed to monitor his vehicle movements all day:
“Instead of having to watch it all day or go to the entire route just to follow up on what they are doing all day, the start-stop report is what I particularly use.”

Standardized Workflow Processes

When it comes to operational excellence, having a standard operating procedure (SOP) for the key tasks and processes in your business is vital. Digitizing these SOPs with a fleet management solution is critical for scalability. What seems easy with a handful of vehicles and employees can quickly become a logistical nightmare without the right systems and technology in place.

Accurate Resource Task Matching

Having the ability to match drivers or providers to the right jobs is critical. Take our customer Rick for example. Rick’s tow truck business doesn’t function well without accurate resource task management. If you’ve ever had a breakdown on the side of the road, you know there’s only one question that you want answered, “When is my tow truck driver going to be here?”

A Tracking System to Pinpoint Driver Locations at The Time of a Customer Request is Critical

Without this, Rick’s system was unmanageable. For Rick, this meant longer ETAs and wasted fuel as a result. But fast-forward to after onboarding the GPS Trackit solution? Rick has shortened the time it takes to route drivers to jobs. This has a twofold benefit: shorter ETAs and a lower fuel bill — both which are very good for business.

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Increased Employee Empowerment

Decreasing unnecessary complexity and redundancy doesn’t just save you time. It makes the lives of your employees easier, too. Fleet management systems also have the capability to integrate driver scorecards which can incentivize drivers to follow protocol, go above and beyond and be rewarded for their efforts. It really is a win-win.

Asset Monitoring & Driver Accountability

From a security perspective, being able to monitor your fleet assets is important for loss prevention and accountability. And in the unfortunate situation where an accident or theft occurs, having tracking and telematics on that vehicle provides essential information that you’ll need as you deal with the situation. Dash cams are a great way to integrate an added layer of security and accountability and can help drivers avoid accidents.

Recurring Fleet Maintenance

The fleet tracking hardware on your fleet vehicles can log error codes to your fleet management dashboard in real time so you can pull vehicles from rotation before they break down. By implementing a proactive maintenance plan, you can save on costs, prolong the life of your fleet vehicles and avoid the headache and costs associated with unplanned downtime.

Integrate Your FSM Software with Integrations And Open API

If you’re using a field service management (FSM) software platform or other fleet management software, you can integrate them so that the softwares share information between each other and keep you informed with all the data you need in one place. GPS Trackit integrates with Service Titan, Fleetio and many others like these. And if you’re on a platform that doesn’t already have an integration, it’s easy to customize a solution with our Open API.

As a fleet manager or owner, you’ve got your hands full with the day-to-day management of vehicles. Trying to do all this by hand is not only time consuming and inefficient but also expensive for both you and your employees when it comes to fuel costs on poorly maintained cars or trucks!

GPS Trackit provides an easy way for businesses like yours to monitor their vehicle assets from one simple dashboard which will save money in the long run while giving back more valuable hours during busy work days. Contact us today if we can help make managing your fleet easier than ever before so that they don’t turn into liabilities down the line.


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