Almost every GPS provider has a vehicle tracking system that offers detailed reporting. But what if you need quick answers? What if you want to make a management decision based on historical driver data? You can cull the detailed reports for all the information you need, or you can use a vehicle tracking system that offers analytics reports.

7 Reasons to Use a Vehicle Tracking System with Analytics

  1. Graphic data display – It’s easy to get overwhelmed with numbers when your vehicle tracking system logs literally every event. Although this level of detail can be very useful, sometimes you just need a snapshot of the big picture. Analytics allow you to view trends over any time period with easy-to-read graphics so you can quickly see whether a metric is increasing, decreasing, or remaining consistent.
  2. Driver metrics – Run an analytics report for a single driver to evaluate their behavior over time. You can use this objective data at review time, or simply to keep an eye on specific employees.
  3. Group metrics – Monitor a particular group or use analytics reports to motivate drivers to operate more efficiently.
  4. Fleet metrics – Run a report on your entire fleet so you can get a true view of the big picture. If you notice that a particular metric is changing in an undesirable way, you can drill down to identify the source of the problem.
  5. Fuel use – Are fuel costs going up or down? Do you need to trim the budget or keep a closer watch on engine idling? You won’t know unless you have a report at your fingertips.
  6. Equipment hours – Find out how much your equipment is being used and how that has changed over time. Perhaps a spike in activity will prompt a maintenance review.
  7. Speeding – Which drivers are speeding and have they changed their behavior over time? Keeping unsafe behavior in check is one of the best ways to prevent accidents or costly damage to vehicles.

The more you know about your fleet, the better you can manage it. You can’t make decisions to improve efficiency or reprimand a driver unless you have real data to support those conclusions. Your vehicle tracking system has all the information you need to make these important decisions, but unless you can quickly find it, chances are it gets lost in the shuffle. Analytics are essential for quick decision making and effective fleet management. If your vehicle tracking system doesn’t offer this feature, you’re missing out.

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What analytics reports would you use most frequently?

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