When you think of truckers, do you imagine the long-hauling road warriors armed with CB radios often seen in classic movies? While those radios have plenty of nostalgic value, truckers don’t have to rely on CBs anymore because today’s internet-enabled gadgets put them in near-constant contact with the rest of the world. Nowadays, most truckers don’t go as much as one day without using a smartphone or GPS device to improve their workday. In this article, we take a look at some of the high-tech devices commonly found on the modern trucker’s dashboard.


Live Traffic On Screen

If you’ve updated your dashboard with a screen and internet connectivity, you have a chance to see nearby traffic reported live. You no longer have to wait until a radio announcer tells you about a crash—your dashboard traffic app notifies you well before you reach the jam. With this information, you can avoid any traffic delays by choosing smart routes around the problem. This traffic information is especially important for those truckers who have perishable items or a deadline to meet.


Electronic Logbook Apps

By the end of 2017, truckers will need to use electronic logbooks to be compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s ELD mandate. These devices are used in conjunction with apps that record your time and activity on the road. The federal government requires electronic logging devices because they make it more difficult to falsify Hours of Service logs, discouraging truckers from driving longer hours than they’re meant to. These logs also serve to protect truck drivers from unfounded accusations of drowsy driving. If a trucker is involved in a traffic incident, they can use their electronic logbook to prove that they were well-rested and operating their truck lawfully at the time of the accident.


GPS Coordination

Truck-based GPS systems have made being lost a thing of the past. Folded maps are large, awkward, and difficult to manage as a truck driver, but GPS coordinates can be plugged right into the dashboard screen. Truck-specific GPS systems help you arrive on time to any appointment while taking you on the best route for your schedule and cargo. With GPS for trucks, your clients and dispatchers can even send you coordinates to rural or undeveloped areas, so that you can find them with ease.


Truckers often find themselves having to multi-task and handle communications, navigation, and driving all at once. With the help of high-tech dashboard gadgets, truckers everywhere can benefit from increased productivity and better safety.