Commercial fleet trends for 2014

September 30th, 2013 – Phoenix, AZ – At the official start of the inaugural Global Fleet Management Conference, Mike Antich, Editor of Automotive Fleet, gave The State of the Commercial Fleet Market address, which included his list of upcoming trends for 2014.

“When looking at the drivers for change in terms of Fleet Management, it is better to look outside the fleet industry… The fleet industry is not an innovator as such, but it is an early adopter of new business developments…

However, based on the current car fleet industry situation in the US and expected evolutions of the different parameters that touch upon the car fleet business, there are six categories where car fleet trends are noticeable.” – Mike Antich

Synopsis of Antich’s Key Fleet Management Trends:

Green Fleet Management:

BioFuel Pump

Despite a slow economic recovery green fleet elements and corporate initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is strong. Additionally, sustainability coincides with CSR policy and becomes a corporate image differentiator.

Procurement & Acquisition:

Proper research and understanding of vehicle fuel efficiency becomes crucial to ensure appropriate vehicle selection in the fleet for the proper use of each vehicle.

Fuel Management:

Fuel management becomes a key factor and key indicator of how fleets will be comprised in 2014 and beyond.

Maintenance & repair costs:

When fleets are upgraded and more energy efficient there is less vehicle maintenance and lower maintenance costs, which ultimately leads to longer car warranties.

Wholesale and resale values:

Currently there is a shortage of used vehicles in the wholesale car market, which creates demand that in turn ensures strong resale values.


Driver distraction due to cell phones and texting is becoming an epidemic. This industry must have a bigger focus on educating drivers on how to avoid preventable accidents.

As for the remainder of the two day Global Fleet Management Conference, attendees were exposed to cutting-edge management ideas from global fleet managers and thought leaders, and had the chance to forge new or tighter bonds with their fellow international fleet manager counterparts.