Want to know how to improve driver behavior to enhance the efficiency of your fleet? Whether you are running a healthcare business or school, vehicles are an integral part of it. Managing the fleet of vehicles is nothing short of a daunting task and fleet managers have to cope up with a variety of challenges. Drivers are the lifeline of a fleet and improving driver behavior is the key to managing a fleet effectively.

  1. In today’s age, data is the king. To improve the driver behavior, first you need to analyze it. So, invest in data collection and analysis.
  2. Analyze driving pattern data and suggest remedial measures if necessary.
  3. You don’t want fuel expenses to overwhelm your budget. Compare speed, engine idling time, etc through the fleet management software and advise your drivers accordingly.
  4. Make it a game! Promote healthy competition among the drivers of your team and watch them try to outperform each other.
  5. Money talks–offer financial incentives for good driving behavior.
  6. A constructive dialogue among the drivers and fleet managers will improve the driver behavior to a great extent.
  7. If you are in the healthcare business, demonstrate the importance of time to your drivers so that they are never late.
  8. The sight of a speeding truck loaded with construction materials is scary. Provide ample training on safe and responsible driving if you are in the construction business.
  9. Set realistic goals and targets. You don’t want your driver to drive with a mind full of stress.
  10. Sharing is caring. Don’t just lock up the data obtained through fleet management software in your personal folders; share them with your drivers.
  11. There was a reason businesses go through continuous evaluations on a quarterly basis. Emulate this novel practice and evaluate your drivers regularly.
  12. Coach, advise and discuss. These three steps will improve the driving behavior of your mobile workers.
  13. Improve fuel efficiency of your fleet by monitoring the fuel consumption of the vehicles on a real-time basis through fleet tracking systems. Identify fuel saving areas and share insights with your drivers to improve their driving behavior.
  14. Practice what you preach. Maintain your fleet well and in time, your drivers will do their part in maintaining their respective vehicles.
  15. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Promote the motto of safe driving among your driver and your business will be in safe hands.
  16. Effective communication is the key to success. Rather than going for disciplinary actions for mistakes, communication is a better alternative.
  17. Conduct training sessions on fluid-driving style. It’s a sure shot way to improve driver behavior.
  18. Shortcuts are good but dangerous roads aren’t. Stress on the importance of taking safer streets to protect your fleet.
  19. Monitor the performance of your drivers on a weekly basis on parameters like fuel-efficient driving, safe driving, etc. Grading can a powerful tool to improve driver behavior.
  20. Lastly, select a good fleet management system that can provide data and analysis of driving behavior.

These tips should put you on the right path towards improving the behaviors demonstrated by your mobile workforce. While these are just small steps to take, the results will go a long way.