The reality for many small- and mid-sized field services businesses? The increase in fuel costs and disruptions to the supply chain has made it that much harder to stay afloat. When a single lawn service crew is spending $100 per day on fuel—and adding clients usually translates into even more driving—the path to profits just gets longer. 

But with help from a fleet management tool like GPS Trackit, field service companies can learn how to cut fleet running costs and get more output from the crews they already have in the field. For less than a cup of coffee per day per truck, GPS-enabled vehicle tracking technology gives operators the real-time information they need to reduce fuel costs, build better routes and keep vehicles productive and in service. 

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Improve Delivery Fleet Safety with Driver Scorecards

Delivery driver behavior is one of the most important aspects a fleet manager has to deal with. If drivers are negligent behind the wheel, the results could be costly. Transported products could be damaged. Vehicles could wear down at a rate faster than expected. Worst of all, if a driver isn’t doing what they’re supposed to, an accident could occur, and people could get seriously hurt. Read More