Stay Alert Changes Driver Behavior and Improves Driving Habits

“Stay Alert rents and sells the large lighted traffic signs placed on the side of the road that may indicate Left Turn Ahead, Bridge Closed or Road Closed. They rely on GPS Trackit to track and coordinate 145 trucks and hundreds of those traffic signs on trailers.” -Bill Rogers, Service Source

Stay Alert
Industry: Traffic Control & Safety Products
Client: Mike Davis

“Last year we drove 3.2 million miles. We spent a million dollars in fuel, and we had six accidents, only one our fault. So, we felt good about that.”

-Mike Davis, Stay Alert

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Useful Feature Helps Find Signs on the Side of the Road

With so many traffic signs to track, Mike Davis of Stay Alert finds one feature useful every day, “There’s one cool feature that’s been really helpful — I’m able to direct the guys. If they’re out looking for a piece of equipment, I can go on maps to find the piece of equipment they’re looking for and guide them to it. I can also print out directions from one traffic sign to another mobile traffic sign if they’re going to pick up equipment to move it.”

Changing Driver Behavior to Improve Safety

Mike explains that sometimes drivers are forced to accelerate quickly to merge with highway traffic from a roadside job site. “Speeding, hard cornering, and hard acceleration. We know it’s needed. When you’re working out on the side of the road, sometimes you just have to go. Then you look at how long they maintained, say that 75 miles an hour in a 65-zone pulling a 15,000-pound trailer.

“Well, now we’ve got a problem. So now we know this and can tell the driver that we know about their driving and that they need to change their behavior. Sometimes they don’t realize we know so much. So, it’s been a big help in improving safety on the road.”

Mike appreciates the value of driver behavior reporting, “Our insurance company knows that we have all this. We set up some reports that go directly to them to monitor and to see how the driving behavior has been.”

"I think it does help and they know that we're making efforts to be as safe as we possibly can be."

GPS Trackit has been a true partner for Mike Davis and Stay Alert in the past decade as he describes it, “We’ve been together for 10 years. To me, that’s a long relationship. GPS Trackit is a company that cares about what I think, what I try to do, and how I try to use your product.”

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