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Locate your most valuable assets with the click of a mouse, or the tap of your fingertip. Get Geofence and landmark alerts in real-time and on-demand to avoid moonlighting and recover stolen equipment.

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Easily track your non-powered assets with reliable GPS asset tracking, anytime and anywhere

  • Share GPS coordinates with a push of a button and receive real-time updates

  • View and manage your assets on the GPS Trackit fleet manager cloud app

  • Geofences provide an alert when an asset leaves the pre-set area

  • A durable and waterproof shell that ensures protection in any weather

  • 5-year battery-powered wireless asset tracker

  • Heavy & light equipment

  • Power equipment & tools

  • Containers & trailers

  • Towables & leave-behinds

  • Field service equipment


Sleep better at night and prevent increased costs with equipment and asset tracking


*The agreement term requires an upfront last month deposit to receive your issued hardware. At the end of the agreement, customers will be billed on a month-to-month until the equipment is returned to GPS Trackit.



Customer Stories

Service van fleet
Service van fleet
Service van fleet
Service van fleet
Service van fleet
Service van fleet
Service van fleet
Customer Story

Mission Bay
Adult Day Care
Client: Brandon Coker, Co-owner and Vice President

“When we first started the company, drivers were taking vehicles and using them on the weekends for unauthorized trips and things like that,” says Coker. “And being able to go back and look historically at where every vehicle has been, gives us verification if an issue comes up.”

Customer Story

Reicks View Farms
Client: Scott Voyna, Engineer

“We’ve used the alerts to make our feed mill more productive,” says Voyna. “If one of our feed trucks go out to a barn, when it leaves that landmark, it will send an alert to a feed mill to know they’re coming back so it can queue up another load of feed.”

Customer Story

Radon Be Gone
Radon mitigation, HVAC, Plumbing, and Construction
Client: Fred Ellrott, owner

“I said wow, if it works this great for finding that car, I need to implement it in my work stuff,” says Ellrott.
“I know I can rely on GPS Trackit—and I know there’s great support if I ever have a question about a new feature. They make everything easy for me.”

Customer Story

Protector Pest Solutions
Pest Control
Client: Valerie Cruzado, Office Manager
“GPS Trackit is easy to implement, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy at all. The guided installation hub answered all the questions I had, in layman’s terms.”

Customer Story

Protemp Associates
Client: Marc Inness, VP of Operations

“Our service dispatcher has GPS Trackit up on her computer all the time and is able to send trucks where they need to go immediately. It’s been fantastic for prioritizing calls.”

Customer story

Mosquito Joe — Wayne
Pest Control
Client: Daniel Brown

“As a mosquito control company, we spray liquids on the foliage of people’s properties, and we can’t do that when it’s raining. We’re actively working around the weather. ”

Customer Story

Clauser Tree Care
Tree Care
Client: Debra Clauser, Director of Marketing and Finance

“When we started with GPS Trackit, you know, our industry really wasn’t doing vehicle monitoring,” says Clauser. “It was something for trucking companies. We started, and after some backlash in the beginning it’s been smooth sailing.”

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Asset FAQ

Our asset tracking system helps you streamline managing and monitoring your powered and non-powered equipment with real-time asset data. You can easily locate your equipment assets, like trailers, heavy equipment, containers and more on a live map along with your vehicles.

Just install the compact GPS tracking device on your powered or non-powered assets to quickly locate your valuable equipment. For assets that don’t have their own power source like trailers, generators, construction equipment, dumpsters, containers, and portable toilets, you need asset tracking that can power itself. Our GL500MG asset trackers operate from lithium batteries and perform daily check-ins through cellular networks.

By only sending daily updates, unpowered asset trackers minimize battery usage while promoting longer periods of asset management. The reliable 5-year battery life means that you will always have battery power to find your assets when you need them.

You can set pre-configured GeoFences that will automatically send out alerts if your asset moves to an unexpected location.  With the ability to wake up on motion, you will get updates when an asset moves so you can respond. This works when your crew moves a generator to the wrong job site or when someone steals heavy equipment on a trailer.

Idle assets don’t get used.  Asset tracking gives you the power to move your assets to where they are needed most.  The GPS Trackit Fleet Manager Cloud Platform gives you a complete view of where your assets are, so you can maximize the return on your investment.

A built-in tamper sensor on the GL500MG Non-Powered Tracker makes sure you know that the tracker and the asset are together.  If the asset and GPS tracker are separated, the tracker immediately notifies you that someone has removed the tracker.

Asset management software can help you increase utilization, reduce theft and decrease downtime of valuable equipment. If a valuable asset is lost or stolen, you can easily track it’s location to help recover it. Plus, knowing which assets are available, can help reduce costs for unnecessary equipment rentals.

When you use real-time asset tracking, you’ll always know exactly where your important assets are at all times. You can easily set up alerts to let you know when your assets are moved, or even set up Geofences to quickly identify when an asset is moved from a job site. GPS Trackit customers have reported that stolen assets were recovered in a matter of minutes.

GPS asset tracking can safeguard your assets. You can set up alerts to let you know when a vehicle leaves a certain area, or when it approaches a certain destination. This can help you keep track of your valuable equipment and make sure it’s not being stolen.

Track bulldozers, graders, scrapers, backhoes, trenchers, excavators, cranes, pavers, mixers, and more.

GL500MG asset trackers can be attached to shipping containers, modal units, flatbeds, lowboys, removable goosenecks, drop decks, utility trailers, and flatbeds.

Track light stacks, power generators, compressors, waste disposal bins, power packs, and more.

Track bobcats, forklifts, skyjacks, plows, pressure washers, aerial work platforms and bucket lifts.

Any type of recreation or utility vehicles, ATVs, jet skis, and towable campers can all be tracked.

rack combines, spreaders, sprayers, tractors, bailers and irrigation units.

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