Clauser Tree Care Customer Story

Clauser Tree Care operates 24 tree removal trucks in Montgomery County and Bucks county, Pennsylvania. When they began the search for a GPS tracking system five years ago, they were one of the first in their area to consider adding it to their fleet. Director of Marketing and Finance Debra Clauser wanted to make sure they were making the right decision. The quality of the equipment, quality of technical support and length of a required contract were Clauser’s most important considerations.

Clauser Tree Care
Industry: Tree Care
Client: Debra Clauser, Director of Marketing and Finance

“When we started with GPS Trackit, you know, our industry really wasn’t doing vehicle monitoring,” says Clauser. “It was something for trucking companies. We started, and after some backlash in the beginning it’s been smooth sailing.”

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Ease of Operation

Clauser Tree Care had never used a GPS-based system, so adding monitors to each truck needed to be a straightforward process—and come with comprehensive, friendly technical support. “GPS Trackit made us feel comfortable about making the transition into a GPS system,” Clauser says. “You showed us how to introduce it to our employees—which was huge. We don’t want our drivers to feel like we’re some eye in the sky. We’re just able to monitor the data and have a conversation if an issue like speeding comes up. They quickly saw the benefits of using it.”

High-Quality Service

With a fleet of expensive trucks loaded with tree maintenance equipment, making sure those assets were tracked and protected is critical. “It’s important for us to always know where they are,” says Clauser. 

“One of the things the other companies tried to say that because GPS Trackit’s price was so low, the service wouldn’t work very well or be very accurate. We were nervous about that at first, but there’s no reason to be. GPS Trackit is very accurate. The service works great.”

The plug-and-play GPS monitors took minutes to install in each truck, and in the few instances Clauser needed support, GPS Trackit’s technical team came armed with deep knowledge of both Clauser’s business and specific installation, and had the issues resolved quickly.

“The tech team at GPS Trackit is really on it. We made the transition to 5G and it went off without a problem.

Clauser’s next project? Using GPS Trackit’s maintenance tracking function to get the fleet’s preventative maintenance on a specific schedule. With GPS Trackit’s live and video-based training programs, she’ll get a guided tour through a program customized for her needs.

Improved Customer Experience

GPS Trackit made it easy for Clauser to track its trucks in real-time and produce the mileage compliance reports required by the state for tax purposes. But those “process” benefits were only part of the picture. The technology also gave Clauser a powerful way to improve customer satisfaction.

“When we need to schedule our crews on an additional job during the day, we can see which one is nearby and redirect crews as necessary,” says Clauser. One example? A customer had a large tree cut down that required a second visit by a specialized log truck to take it away. “I got a call from that customer late on a Friday afternoon, and she wanted to know when the logs were going to be off her lawn,” Clauser said. “The log truck wasn’t supposed to be there until another day, but I could see on the GPS that it was close by. I called and asked the driver to pull over so I could speak to him, and asked if he could make an extra stop and get those logs done for the customer. He had the time to do it, so we were able to satisfy that customer. Those little things add up, for sure.”

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