Customer Story: Protemp Associates

Protemp Associates is a family-owned HVAC installation and service company based in Portland, Oregon.

Protemp Associates
Industry: HVAC
Client: Marc Inness, VP of Operations

“Our service dispatcher has GPS Trackit up on her computer all the time and is able to send trucks where they need to go immediately. It’s been fantastic for prioritizing calls.”

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Protemp trucks

Safety and Security

In addition to its day-to-day value as a dispatching tool, GPS Trackit and its geolocating feature have been crucial for protecting Protemp’s assets in the field. “A few winters ago, we had an employee go out and start his van and go back inside to grab his lunch bucket—and when he came back the vehicle was gone,” says Inness. “We contacted the sheriff’s department, got a deputy on the phone, and gave him turn-by-turn where to go to get this vehicle. They made a traffic stop about 25 miles from where it was stolen, got the thief and we recovered the van. It was headed to a very rural area, and without GPS Trackit, it would have been impossible to recover.

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