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    • Accurately track billable hours.
    • Put the brakes on moonlighting and theft.
    • Manage maintenance.
    • Cut labor costs
    • Increase safety on-site.
    • Tackle idling.
    • Monitor PTO (Power Take Off) events.
    • Integrate your fleet management solution with other business systems.
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Question: Does Your Construction Fleet Need GPS Tracking & Management?

In a word — YES.

In the construction industry, having visibility into your day-to-day operations is mission critical. That’s where an end-to-end GPS tracking and fleet management solution comes in. With this all-in-one solution, you’ll know what happens, when it happens, with real-time information and actionable data 24/7/365. It’s the tool you need to:

Save Money.

Cut labor costs by up to 35%

Get 30% more MPG

Get ROI in under 30 days

Increase Productivity.

Increase productivity by 40%

Manage your team from

anywhere with mobile apps.

Increase workforce efficiency

Protect Your Business.

Reduce accident risks by 30%

Quickly recover from theft and

prevent moonlighting

Reduce insurance rates

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Locating Your Vehicles Anytime, Anywhere

Managing all the vehicles in your construction fleet is difficult, particularly without visibility into where they are at any given moment. With a GPS tracking and fleet management solution, you get a bird’s eye view into your entire operation with interactive maps, breadcrumb trails and, and the ability to locate the nearest vehicles to a given point — all backed with the reliability of Google Maps.

The Solution

After Hours Alerts

Stop after-hours moonlighting or theft with After Hours Alerts — easily customized to your specifications and times.

Real-Time Tracking

When you know the exact location of your construction vehicles, you’ll be better able to help state or local authorities quickly recover your valuable assets.

Remote Starter Disable

Add an extra layer of security to your fleet vehicles by remotely disabling starter functions with the click of a button.

Accurately Tracking Billable Hours

Managing billing for multiple job sites is challenging if you don’t know what your fleet is doing. If you’re not able to accurately estimate when and where your drivers and vehicles are on-site and working, you may be either missing out on billable hours or even paying for time you shouldn’t. With a fleet management solution for construction, you can easily and accurately account for your billing for every single job.

The Solution

Customized Reporting

Make tallying up your billable hours a snap with reports customized to your business needs, including time on-site and vehicle activity.

Geofences for Job Sites

Create custom Geofences for all of your job sites to see when your vehicles actually enter or exit a site and run reports for easy billable hours.

Seamless Integration

Quickly and easily integrate with the systems you rely on every day, such as billing and payroll.

Putting the Brakes on Moonlighting & Theft

Both moonlighting and theft can put your construction business in serious jeopardy. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, as much as $1 billion a year is lost nationwide due to theft of construction equipment and tools – and the recovery rate is less than 20 percent. Additionally, unauthorized vehicle use can not only damage your expensive assets, but it can also easily damage your business’ reputation.

The Solution

Live Vehicle Tracking

Stop wondering where your construction vehicles are and start tracking with detailed, dynamic, interactive maps.

Breadcrumb Trails

Get insight into the routes that your vehicles take as they travel and view vehicle history and past activity to optimize future routes.

Enhanced Mapping

Get a passenger view from anywhere with satellite imagery, street view, and traffic information.

Managing Maintenance

Construction vehicles and equipment are expensive — and that kind of investment demands careful maintenance planning and execution. When you’re managing a fleet of vehicles, it demands more than a simple whiteboard or desk calendar. With a fleet management solution, it’s easy to identify which vehicles need attention, and when including reminders to ensure your schedule never falls behind. Keeping a tight maintenance schedule can mitigate costly unplanned repairs that impact both your business and your vehicles’ lifespan.

The Solution

Easily Schedule Maintenance

Schedule and track maintenance for your entire fleet based on dates, mileage, or other parameters customized to the needs of your business.

Customized Alerts & Reminders

Never miss a maintenance deadline again with alerts and reminders that let both you and your driver know it’s time for a tune-up.

Increase Vehicle Lifespan

With a regular maintenance program, you can increase vehicle lifespan by up to 35%.

Cutting Rising Labor Costs

According to industry figures, labor can account from 20-40% of your total costs — and that’s a fairly hefty portion of your total overall budget. With a fleet management solution for your construction business, you’ll know exactly when your employees are on-site and working, eliminating inflated timesheet entries and trimming costly overtime.

The Solution

Accurate Timesheets

With accurate timesheets, you can monitor and streamline your labor costs for savings. Most GPS Trackit customers cut labor costs by up to 35%.

Actionable Reporting

Get the reports you need to streamline your labor costs, including first on/last off, start and end of the day, and more.

Increasing Best Practices for Safety

Decreasing your potential for accidents and liability is not only important for the safety of your team — it’s also crucial to protect your bottom line. Unsafe practices such as speeding, hard braking, sudden stops, rapid acceleration, and hard turns can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle as well as costly accidents and a damaged reputation. With a robust fleet management solution for your business, you can easily put the brakes on unsafe activities.

The Solution

Driver Scorecards

Quickly view and analyze the behavior of your workforce with driver behavior alerts, color-coded scorecards, and actionable data you can use to increase safety training.

Behavior Trends

Easily review the behavior of your entire fleet or a specific driver to see how they have been trending in the last few weeks, months, or quarters to see where improvements can be made.

Speeding Reports

Speeding is not only dangerous, it also wastes fuel. By identifying and correcting the drivers in your fleet that have a “lead foot,” you can implement training to increase policy adherence.

Understanding Idling

It’s true — engine idling can negatively impact your bottom line. However, in construction, it’s a different animal. While some idling is understandable as certain construction equipment idles on-site for the job (monitored by PTO), other idling from traffic, delivery processing and the like can result in wasted fuel and dollars down the drain. With a fleet management solution, you can easily understand where you can curb idling by up to 40%.

The Solution

Idle Reports

Identify idling both on and off-site for all of your construction vehicles with reports that allow you to see groups of vehicles (light-duty vs. heavy) or down to the individual driver.

Smart Routing

Sometimes idling can’t be avoided due to traffic or construction. Your fleet tracking solution can help you create efficient routing to avoid any obstacles.

Idling Alerts

Get live notifications if one of your vehicles is idling for longer than a predetermined time, customized to your business needs.

Monitoring Power Take Off (PTO) Events

When you work in the construction industry, you know that it’s not just about monitoring a vehicle’s location, but also its activity. Even if a vehicle is on-site doesn’t necessarily mean it’s active and working. Using telematics to monitor Power Take-Off (PTO) events lets you get real-time data, alerts, and reports when any activity that requires an electrical current is performed. It’s the insight you need to make your business better.

The Solution

Real-Time Monitoring

Get real-time data and alerts to let you know when any PTO events occur, like raising or lowering a dump truck bed or operating a winch on a tow truck.

PTO Event Reporting

Find out how often certain equipment is being operated and when to make changes in preventative maintenance and streamline operations.

Improve Accountability

Just because a vehicle is on-site doesn’t mean it’s active. By monitoring PTO events, you can increase accountability and efficiency.

Integrating Info with Other Business Systems

While a new GPS tracking and fleet management solution might sound great, it’s not helpful unless it integrates with the business systems you use every day, such as payroll or accounting. Additionally, you want to work with a provider who already understands the type of software you might typically be using for your construction business.

The Solution


As a long-standing industry solution, the GPS Trackit platform is already compatible with thousands of business systems making integration seamless.

Open Application Programming Interface (API)

GPS Trackit has developed an open API that functions as a web service, enabling customers and third-party developers to more efficiently move data to other business systems.

Compatible for Construction

GPS Tracking knows and understands the construction market. We’re integration-ready with the systems you already have in place.

Finding the Right Solution for Your Business

What’s the most important thing to you when looking for the right solution for managing your construction fleet? A good fleet management solution can help take your business to the next level, so it’s important to find a provider you can trust and work with both now and as your company grows. Remember: anyone can be a business provider. Look for your next business partner.

The Solution

Look for a Provider with Experience in Construction

GPS Trackit has been providing fleet tracking and asset management for the construction industry for over 18 years. Our expert Fleet Advisors understand your business needs because they’ve been there.

Focus on a Scalable, Innovative Solution

GPS Trackit’s all-in-one solution is built to meet the demands of your business as it grows and changes over time. It’s a solution that has your back every step of the way.

Get the Training & Support Your Business Demands

GPS Trackit wants you to get the most out of your new solution and provides unlimited training to get you and your team up to speed and world-class customer care and support when you need it.

Your Partner In GPS Tracking & Construction Fleet Management

While a new GPS tracking and fleet management solution might sound great, it’s not helpful unless it integrates with the business systems you use every day, such as payroll or accounting. Additionally, you want to work with a provider who already understands the type of software you might typically be using for your construction business.

For over 18 years, GPS Trackit has been a pioneering force in cloud-based, IoT fleet solutions and GPS fleet tracking. Our industry-leading technology and focus on world-class customer service has earned us numerous awards — including a place on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 list. GPS Trackit supports over 12,000 fleets worldwide.

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