New Information for Apollo ELD Users

What you need to know:

Your ELD is being updated to our NEW ELD service. You can expect the same great experience, increased reliability, and a new look and feel. Great news!  Your account information will already be loaded into the new Apollo ELD module. You won’t need to re-enter your drivers and vehicles. DVIR Reports will not be migrated. If your driver requires DVIR records you will have access to them in the old portal on our platform for 6 months.

What you need to do: 

  • Log into your account for the first time here: using your previous ELD credentials.
  • During your first login you will be required to supply a new password and a true e-mail address for future communications.
  • Login again to the new Apollo ELD Platform with your new credentials.
  • Please verify that all of your vehicles and drivers are correctly loaded under your profile.  If you are missing any drivers or data, please call our support team at 1(866) 320-5810.
  • We have provided step-by-step instructions in an email you can provide to your drivers so they know what date to start using the new app, and what steps they should follow. (See ‘Information for ELD Drivers & Operators)

Discontinue Use of Current ELD

  • Finish All Trips
  • Certify Logs
  • Upload Logs/Log Out
  • View Apollo ELD Driver Training (link)


  1. Download the new Apollo ELD App from the Google Play or iOS store.
  2. Use the Change Password Link upon 1st use to receive your new password.
  3. Enter the Previous Email used for their ELD Fleet Login.
  4. Enter an actual Email address where the Driver can receive a new password.
  5. Enter CDL # and submit
  6. Check email for the new password and login.

*Some users may have to revert to paper logs for a few hours while the new application is provisioned.

14 days of Records from ELD Fleet will transfer to the new Apollo ELD app automatically by the end of the day.

  • The old app will be in read-only mode. You can see prior logs if needed before the transfer, but no new logs can be entered.
  • Review that prior logs were properly imported at the end of the day.
  • DVIR Reports will not be migrated.
  • Your Administrator can send them to you if needed.

Why is this change happening?

GPS Trackit wants to bring our customers an improved ELD experience.  The prior solution is being canceled to make way for this new solution.

When will the cutover happen?

GPS Trackit is targeting the new ELD solution starting in Q4/2022.

You will be notified via email with your exact transition date.

What happens if I need to add an ELD prior to the cutover?

GPS Trackit will provide you with the ELD solution that is currently available.  We will help our customers make the seamless transition to the new ELD solution when the time comes for release.

Will you need to change my hardware?

The new solution will be compatible with your hardware.  This will support Veosphere, Cal/Amp, and Geometris Trackers.

Will I need to rebuild information on the platform?

We expect a smooth transition to the new platform.  This includes carrying forward all your vehicles and naming and data in the system.  You will not need to re-create your drivers and vehicles in the new solution.

Will I be able to access my historical HOS logs for the past 6 months?

Yes.  GPS Trackit will offer a way to archive and present historical log data.

Will I have access to DVIR Reports?

Yes, You will have access to your old DVIR Reports through your administrator portal.  If your driver requires DVIR records you will have access to them in the old portal in our platform for 6 months.

Will I need to run two 2 systems simultaneously?

The new solution should be able to meet all your needs for ELD. It will be a similar user experience and GPS Trackit will offer world-class training materials to help you make an easy transition.

You will have read-only access to our old system in your platform to allow you access to historical logs for up to 6 months.

Do we have training guides and materials?

Training guides are available here:

Administrator Training Resources & Guides

Driver/Operator Resources & Guides

Will GPS Trackit still offer free unlimited ELD training?

We will continue to offer the same training support we have for our current offering.

Support Android or iOS?

The new solution will support Android and iOS.

Is there any change in cost?

The cost for this new solution will be the same as you have already been paying.

Will there be a difference in the process for placing an ELD order?

For now, all ELD orders for existing ELD customers will continue to be filled with our current ELD Fleet offering. We will transition to selling the new Apollo ELD offering as soon as the product has launched.