Dash Cams With GPS Built In
VidFleet™ Simplified Install

Simply Powerful Video

The Difference is Clear
High-resolution and Night Vision Video
Video And AI Dash Cam In The Same Device
In-Cab Coaching With Real-Time Driver Alerts
Driver Safety Assistance
High-Resolution Streaming Over Platform
Auto Event Uploading to Cloud
Capture What Matters

VidFleet Simplified

VidFleet™ Simplified Installation


Combine GPS tracking with AI dash cams for real-time insights with in-the-moment voice prompt driver coaching, intelligent actionable reporting, and the industry’s clearest picture. The VidFleet Simplified Install is a smart video solution that protects your drivers, your reputation, and your bottom line.

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Integrate the Best: Combine GPS Tracking with AI Dash cams to gain real-time insights through a single, easy peel-and-stick installation point.

How VidFleet™ Simplified Install solves your fleet’s needs.


Video AI captures, predicts & prevents accidents. In-cab voice coaching reduces risky
driver behavior and Driver Safety Assistance helps you never miss crucial alerts with clip-triggering for pre and post-events.


Protect your drivers and your fleet from liability & false claims. Get the proof you need with video evidence in seconds.


VidFleet helps you build trust while improving driver behavior and productivity to deliver cost savings through safer and better driving.

Dash cams help fleet drivers reduce their collision rate by up to 50%.



Real-Time AI Improves Driver Behavior and Reduces Accidents.

  • Real-Time Audible In-Cabin Coaching
  1.  Harsh Events
  2.  Driver AI
  3.  Road Facing AI
  • Notifications in English and Spanish available
  • Instant Alerts
  • Privately alert drivers to correct actions before escalating to the administrator.
  • On-Demand Video Playback
  • Recognize & Reward Positive Behavior
  • Promote Accountability & Build Trust


Case Study: Transport – Construction, Delivery, and Disposal Service Fleet

  • The accident occurred 2 months after installation.
  • The driver claimed the truck merged into him.
  • Video evidence proved that the driver intentionally moved over the truck line causing a staged accident.
  • Thanks to video evidence, saved around $247,000, avoiding a lawsuit and covering the cost of a video solution for every vehicle.

“Thanks to the dash cam we were not ticketed, saving us from points violation and an increase in insurance rates.”
–  Leon Chinyou, Chin Diesel

If You Don’t Have Evidence


You Don’t Have Proof

The Difference

is Clear

  • High-Resolution Streaming Over Platform
  • Industry’s Clearest Picture
  • Capture What Matters With VidFleet AI+
  • Instantly Upload Video Footage To The Cloud

Our Fleet Advisors actually listen to you and your needs. No hassles and instant custom quotes.

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Video telematics users can see an up to 68% reduction in accident costs.*



  • Improve fleet performance with real-time driver coaching.
  • Reduce fuel costs by 15-30% by reducing idle times and improving driver behavior.
  • Lower maintenance costs by reducing hard braking and hard accelerations.
  • Easy to escalate your business with an expandable hardware and software solution.
  • GPS Trackers used as login tools for drivers, help improve payroll accuracy.
  • Intervene Only as Needed: Supervisors get a video IF the driver doesn’t correct behaviors.
  • Customizable reports and dashboards are available for actionable insights.

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