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The Best Commercial Dash Cam System for Your Fleet

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Capture what Matters with Video Telematics Today!

Dual facing commercial dash cameras with monitor

GPS Integrated Multi-Channel 360˚ Views

Reduce your liability exposure with GPS Trackit's top rated vehicle camera solution for trucks featuring in-cab cameras and multi-channel 360˚ views of your fleet.

Vehicle camera recorders give you the hard proof you need to defend your business and drivers from fraudulent claims. Protect your business with high-definition footage of collisions and other traffic incidents.

The Best Fleet Surveillance System
Built to Work for Your Business

Reduce the frequency of disputed claims with video proof of events.

Avoid incident investigation expenses.

Reduce third-party claim frequency and costs.

Get high-definition dash cam footage when you need it.

What You See

You train your drivers. You inspect your vehicles. You do everything you can to protect your people, assets and reputation — but there are some things you can’t control.

Other drivers are plentiful and unpredictable. A single slip-up or fraudulent insurance claim can have devastating consequences for your operation. Using the best fleet dashboard camera in the industry can provide the insight and evidence you need to defend against the unpredictable.

With clear footage from tamper-proof vehicle camera recorders, our fleet surveillance systems let you capture what matters.

Why It Matters

Evidence has shown that consumer car drivers are at fault in the vast majority of accidents involving a commercial vehicle or truck. However, this is rarely how it plays out when resolving insurance claims.

Dashboard camera footage can provide a valuable perspective on what actually occurred, helping you to resolve claims quickly and fairly.

Using video telematics technology enabled with dash cams, you can protect your business’ reputation, defend against fraudulent insurance claims and lower your risk of costly rate hikes with the power of video-based proof.

VIDEO VERIFICATION with High-definition Footage

Connected Dual-Facing Dashcams

Developed to provide evidence of events leading up to and during road traffic incidents in less than a minute.

Connect Multiple Cameras

Various camera options are available, making the amount of possible CP4 system combinations nearly endless.

Multiple Shot Options

Choose from wide angle, weatherproof, infrared, dome, side view, rugged, reverse cameras and more.

Dual Record mode (Continuous + Event)

Get a detailed, live-action view of driver behavior, trip events, road conditions and incident circumstances.

Save Money

Avoid incident investigation expenses and a 68% reduction in accident costs. Increase fuel economy with improved driver behavior monitoring.

Get Proof

Drivers of consumer vehicles were found at fault in 81% of crashes involving commercial trucks. Protect your business against false claims.

Reduce Disputes

Reduce disputed claims with video proof of events. Insurance brokers have seen accident claim disputes drop by 38% using dash cameras.

Video Verification

Get a detailed, live-action view of driver behavior, trip events, road conditions and incident circumstances.


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