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  • 1 Hour of Payroll Per Week Per Vehicle
  • 30% Reduction in Fuel Costs
  • 35% Improvement in Average Vehicle Lifespan
  • 20 Minute Idle Time Per Day Per Vehicle
  • 30% More MPG
  • 40% Increase in Productivity
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#1 Stop Moonlighting

Did you know that moonlighting, side jobs and unauthorized vehicle use can not only result in damage to your vehicles but also your company brand?

By using alerts and monitoring your drivers, you’ll get a clear picture of where your vehicles are at all times -- during both on and off-duty hours.

"Our delivery truck went from fueling 1-2 times a week to 1 time every 10 days."
- Trailer N More LLC, Trailer Dealer

Real Time Limo Location Software
Real Time Vehicle Location Software

#2 Improve Timely Fleet Maintenance

Did you know that costs related to repairs and maintenance in operating a fleet of vehicles can contribute to nearly 13% of your total annual costs?

By using maintenance alerts, you’ll always know when it’s time to service your limos and fix problems before they become a headache.

"We have cut down on idle time. Our drivers are getting done quicker and still being efficient."
- Hi-Point Property Services

#3 Significantly Improve Limousine MPG

Did you know that aggressive limousine driving can lower gas mileage up to 30% at highway speeds and 40% in stop-and-go traffic?

By monitoring driver behaviors and using our solution, GPS Trackit customers see an up to 30% increase in MPG.

"Better and safer communication with our drivers, that is key. There is no measurable cost savings to safety. The slightest incident is too much."
- Graftech, Manufacturing

Real Time Vehicle Location Software

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There's More at Stake Than Just Knowing Your Trailer Tractor Driver's Location...

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Fleet Maintenance

Costs related to repairs and maintenance in operating a fleet of vehicles can contribute to nearly 13% of the total annual costs of operations.

This makes controlling fleet maintenance a top priority for limousine owning companies.

By ensuring that vehicles receive necessary services in a timely manner, companies are able to both extend the average lifespan of their vehicles and reduce maintenance costs.

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Risk Reduction

Running a commercial limousine fleet is costly, particularly as fleet operators deal with a number of extremely expensive assets. Losing even one can be detrimental to a company’s bottom line.

Commercial vehicle crashes costs the economy $87 billion every year. The average cost per claim for commercial liability is around $10,000.

GPS Trackit helps companies stay safe by minimizing the risk of accidents with driver behavior monitoring.

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Asset Protection

GPS Trackit’s cloud-based inventory management and tracking solutions can also protect your vehicles and other assets from damage, vandalism and theft.

By monitoring employees to ensure they don’t engage in undesired conduct such as moonlighting or side jobs, GPS Trackit can help clients protect their brand, retain great employees and eliminate those elements that aren’t actively contributing to their success.

Savings You Can See

With GPS Trackit's solutions, you'll see instant ROI and business-boosting benefits. It's fleet intelligence simplified.
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End Early Work Days

Northside Plumbing, a company with a fleet of three vehicles, was able to save $600 in the first month of using GPS Trackit when they saw that employees were leaving the job site early on a daily basis.

Save Annually on Payroll Costs

Dorner Enterprise Inc., a courier/delivery company operating a fleet of 14 vehicles, was able to save $24,000 a year in payroll costs.  

Save Annually on Labor Costs

Next Venture Inc., a facility maintenance provider with four vehicles in their fleet, saved $5,000 in annual labor costs by ensuring that drivers were more accountable.

Cut Overtime Hours

Miniconcrete Materials, a construction material provider with a fleet of six vehicles, cut 10 overtime hours they were paying per week after implementing GPS Trackit.  

Improve Response Times

Titan Mobile Shredding, a shredding service provider with a fleet of four vehicles, was able to add revenue to their daily route by knowing exactly where their trucks were. To date, their fastest recorded response time is 8 minutes from the time they received a call for services to the time the truck arrived at the customer's location.

Prevent Moonlighting or Side Jobs

GPS tracking solutions can prevent side jobs by comparing stops to your customer list and monitoring “odd-hours,” or times when vehicles should not be in use.

Settle Customer Disputes

A GPS tracking solutions can quickly provide the proof you need to verify completed jobs, along with arrival times and visit lengths.

Improve Driver Behaviors

Keeping your drivers compliant with the most up-to-date safety practices is crucial for your business. With driver behavior scorecards and analytics, you can gain insight and incentivize your driver's behavior and practices.

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