Ultimate Guide to Asset Tracking & Management

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Why You Need Asset Management

When you’re looking for an asset, you need to pinpoint it quickly so it can be deployed to the job site. GPS tracking technology provides this connectivity.

It helps you keep tabs on heavy equipment, truck trailers, generators, and even unpowered property such as trash containers or larger office equipment.

Construction firms can locate and increase utilization of their equipment, which is known as “yellow iron,” with once daily or more frequent location pings. The trackers gather engine data from the machine to help reduce maintenance costs with oil and fuel level data and diagnostic codes for parts failures.

Trucking and transportation companies monitor their trailers to track deliveries, maintain cold-chain compliance, and boost security.

Tracking of smaller equipment and unpowered assets helps avoid duplication at job sites and allows financial personnel to complete accurate inventories of depreciating assets that will come into play at tax time.

Asset tracking technology also helps businesses that rely on medium-duty trucks with auxiliary equipment and power take-off (PTO) devices. These businesses – such as construction, tree trimming, and waste management – can gather ample data on the use of the cranes, booms, towing rigs, and other equipment installed on the truck.

Some of the benefits of asset management technology include:

Locating lost assets, increasing utilization of equipment, reducing downtime with preventive maintenance, compiling or consolidating asset inventories, improving the security of assets,  speeding recovery of stolen assets.

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