How Vehicle Tracking & Video Dash Cams HELP ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS

Electrical contractors rely on accurate vehicle location data and efficient routing to juggle dynamic dispatching of technicians.

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Electrical contractors manage field technicians as well as vehicles. They need fleet management technology that gets their people to job sites efficiently and tools that boost productivity, lower fuel costs, and improve driver safety.

Here are 10 questions electrical contractors should ask when deciding whether to purchase a GPS tracking system:

  1. Do I know the location of my vehicles in real-time?

  2. Do I know how long technicians spend at a job site?

  3. How many vans do I need to serve my business?

  4. Are technicians taking the shortest route between jobs?

  5. How much am I spending on fuel?

  6. Can I quickly locate my vehicles and employees during a major weather event?

  7. How am I handling service intervals?

  8. To what extent are my drivers engaging in risky driving?

  9. When are my drivers distracted by mobile phones or other causes while driving?

  10. Are technicians running personal errands on company time?

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