RG Tree Gains a Trusted Fleet Management Partner in GPS Trackit

“You guys are very professional, and at the end of the day, you're more of a personalized, relationship-based company.” -Danny Segura, RG Tree

RG Tree
Industry: Field Service
Client: Danny Segura

For players in regulated industries where safety compliance is a must, implementing a fleet management solution is one of the best ways to close gaps between compliance and documentation quickly. This is a great way to ensure that the company adheres to all the legally-mandated safety measures and to ensure driver safety as well.

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Safety, Compliance and Fleet Tracking

Improved Trust & Customer Service

RG Tree clears branches and trees that are too close to powerlines in addition to its arborist and landscaping services. Keeping trees trimmed clear of electric power lines prevents safety hazards and power outages. Because of national and state safety regulations, RG Tree has to remain compliant with auditors and coordinators. So, fleet tracking and monitoring has been a must for Danny Segura and his team:

“Our main problem is we have auditors and coordinators that need to know where the vehicles are at. So for us, it’s really critical that we know where they’re at, so we can go and make sure that they are doing their job the right way in a safe manner.”

Improved Trust & Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, not all fleet management companies are created equal. In fact, businesses are increasingly moving away from providers who treat them like “a number”. Finding a partner like GPS Trackit who actually understands their client’s business and needs is something that Danny finds quite valuable:

“GPS Trackit is a company that cares about their customers’ needs as opposed to any sort of sales numbers, a company that cares for us. You’re more of a personalized, relationship-based company.”

Before getting started with GPS Trackit, Danny was dealing with the time-consuming frustrations of trying to get consistent customer service from Verizon: “The ability to reach out to a person at GPS Trackit that I could relate to one-on-one, … knowing that I don’t have to explain the whole situation of my account, and having somebody that knows our company, what we need and they’re familiar with our account.”

Increasing Productivity, Reducing Risk and Generating ROI

Often, an investment in a high-quality fleet management solution will pay for itself within a short time — weeks in some cases. This happens as fleet managers find new opportunities to become more efficient, saving time and money. Danny is excited to use GPS Trackit to make his fleet more efficient and generate new fuel savings as he makes new improvements in the organization:

Danny notes that in addition, the app and web portal are helping with tracking, logistics and risk management: “Mitigating risks, yes! We use the mobile app to track alerts. We also use the web portal — and I’m the one that makes sure I give the right roles to the right people.”

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