Keep your fleet, your drivers, and your company’s reputation safe with the industry’s best live video and vehicle tracking software, VidFleet.

Protect Your Fleet

Out on the road, there’s an infinite number of unknowns that can affect your work vehicles and the drivers in charge of them. Thankfully, with VidFleet from GPS Trackit, you can calm the chaos out there, reduce risky driving behavior and improve overall business performance – all on one easy-to-use platform.

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Save on Fuel Costs With Actionable Data

On average, GPS Trackit customers see their average MPG increase by 35% and a reduction in fuel costs of 30%.

Icon Productivity

Increase Productivity and Fleet Efficiency

After implementing fleet management, our customers report an over 40% increase in productivity on average.

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Prevent Accidents & Theft

Dash cams help fleet drivers reduce their collision rate by up to 50%. Video telematics users can see an up to 68% reduction in accident costs.

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Access The Video Proof You Need

Protect your business with the ability to defend against costly accident disputes and fraudulent claims with video evidence.

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