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GPS Fleet Tracking, GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions

A GPS Fleet Tracking Solution
to Better Your Business.
here’s how…

GPS Fleet Tracking Generates ROI for Your Business

Want relief from running your business? With Fleet GPS Tracking we alleviate your frustration and clear up all the confusion. GPS fleet software manages your drivers, vehicles, equipment and assets so you can take it easy.

As you take it easy, Our GPS Tracking Software solution will give you improved customer service, your driver’s routes will be optimized to save gas and also save precious time. All the while reducing your bottom line costs and putting more money in your pocket.

Get 1,4000% ROI with GPS Tracking

Generate ROI using GPS Route Optimization

Save Money. Save Time. Increase Profits.™

The proof is in the gas tank. Whether your business runs a fleet of 5, 50 or 500 vehicles, a GPS fleet tracking system can pay for itself for an entire year within a few thousand miles of usage using route optimization alone. The next years following can be paid for in less than half as many miles.

Fleet Tracking Saves on Mileage

Fleet Tracking Software Prevents Time Theft

Utilizing GPS vehicle tracking makes your mobile assets completely transparent. You won’t ever have to worry about people arriving late or leaving job sites early, what speeds they are going, if their taking the scenic routes or long lunch breaks, or heading to the local watering hole.

Your Much Needed Tracking Solution

GPS fleet tracking allows you to make sure your vehicles / equipments are not being used for side jobs and personal use – saving you thousands of dollars in expenses and most of all giving you peace of mind.


If you could sit in the passenger seat all day with your mobile workforce, would they be more productive?

How to introduce GPSTrackIt.com: Coaching with GPS Tracking

GPS Fleet Management Coaching

Implementing GPS tracking into your business is simple when it is introduced to your team with a “Coaching” approach.

  • Coaching enables your employees to reach their full potential.
  • Coaching from management encourages a commitment to action and the development of lasting growth & change from your employees.


Increase Driver Productivity

4.5 hours is lost per employee every week due to time theft.

(Acroprint Time Systems*)
Reduce Drive Time

You can cut drive time in half and serve more customers.

(See Route Map Above*)
Protect your Assets

Over 700,000 stolen vehicles have not been recovered.


*Time and attendance statistics from Acroprint Time Systems. *Car theft statistics from AutoBiometrics.com.