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SafeDrivePod Tackles the Distracted Driver Epidemic

Join this webinar to learn how the smart technology from SafeDrivePod has solved for one of the leading causes of distracted driving accidents, by blocking cell phone usage while driving, while still keeping the privacy of your drivers safe.

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Building a Safety Culture: Fleet Operators Share Real-World Examples

With business returning to pre-COVID levels and accidents on the rise, companies with fleets of all sizes and sectors are reassessing their safety programs while trying to source, train and retain drivers.

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Spotlight On:
Predictive Hiring

Driver recruitment and retention is a HUGE problem for the industry. Pre-employment behavioral assessments and analytics have proven to predict which applicants will perform at a high level and stay while allowing fleets to avoid safety risks.

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The High Cost of Fleet Accidents How to Avoid Them & Protect Your Company

One of the biggest challenges you face is knowing how your team and vehicles affect costs and safety in an unpredictable world. The cost of even one accident with injury or death can be devastating to your business.

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