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VidFleet SmartMail was developed with the small/medium fleet operator in mind. It delivers driver safety and protection information to you within moments of an incident taking place. This could be a road collision, an unsafe braking/speeding event, a driver-initiated panic button or where someone just feels unsafe and wants to know you’re looking out for them.

Using VidFleet’s cellular-enabled dash cameras, any safety-critical road event will automatically transmit an email notification to up to 5 email recipients. The emails will contain the Vehicle ID, GPS location, Event Type, and a 10 second low-resolution video clip of the incident.

Safety-Critical Event Capture

  • Unique Vehicle ID
  • Unique Driver ID
  • Event Type: Ignition On, Panic, Shock
  • Event Time
  • Link to Video Preview Clip (6 seconds, 3 pre/post event)

Protection. Prevention. Proof.

Professional Fleet Dashboard Cameras by VidFleet™

VidFleet™ Detects and Captures the Events Surrounding a Crash


Event Triggers Video Recording

Incident triggering events include hard brake, overspeeding, activated panic button, alarm input, and accident detection.


Raw Incident Data is Stored

Once a critical event is triggered the system stores images, video, auto, and drive data to the server.


Recieve Email in Secounds

An email with 10 second incendent video clip is sent to your inbox. Request a full resolution video to review the orginal file through the AnalysisTool.

Review Event History

  • Media history report gives the administrator the ability to retrieve all media from devices based on a custom date range
  • Playback of any media within the same window for easy navigation through data
  • All videos/images are labeled by time/date, vehicle ID, and duration

The CP1 Forward-Facing Dash Camera

The VidFleet™ CP1 puts you in the cab of every vehicle in your fleet with a 170° dash cam view of the road ahead of and around your drivers. No more uncertainty, no more blind spots. VidFleet™ lets you be everywhere at once…without ever having to leave the office.
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The KP1S Dual Dash Cam

With forward-facing and in-cab video capture, the KP1S offers the most complete view of the drive possible. Improve driver training, ensure compliance with safety standards, and protect your staff with the power of two-way visibility and in-cab video capture.
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