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Your trucks and drivers are the lifeblood of your operation. Unfortunately, no amount of driver training and risk avoidance can keep your fleet completely safe from the many dangers of the open road.

From inclement weather to reckless motorists, your commercial truck drivers face countless risks every day. A single mistake or a moment’s distraction can have disastrous consequences for your assets, drivers, and reputation. VidFleet™ truck camera systems are designed to capture these critical moments and provide you with the insight you need to protect both your people and your business.

  • HD Truck Video Capture
  • Tamper-Proof Cameras
  • Safety-Critical Event Detection
  • 170° Road Visibility

A Better View

Use VidFleet™ video capture to review and respond to safety-critical events.

170° Visibility

VidFleet™ cameras capture a wide, high-definition view of the road ahead.

Liability Protection

VidFleet™ footage provides evidence you can use to protect your business from false claims.

Fast and Convenient

SmartMail sends captured footage directly to a designated recipient’s inbox.

The Future of Commercial Truck Safety

VidFleet™ puts you in the passenger’s seat with vital insight into the most crucial events in a truck driver’s day. With SmartMail, safety-critical event footage is sent directly to your designated recipient, who can view, share, and store it as needed.

It’s estimated that, in the next five years, 371 million truck cameras will be on the roads. Trucking fleets across the world are already seeing the many benefits of fleet camera systems:

  • Lower Accident Rates
  • Better Driver Behavior
  • Defense Against False Claims
  • Speedy Insurance Claim Resolution
  • Theft and Vandalism Deterrent

Protection. Prevention. Proof.

Professional Fleet Dashboard Cameras by VidFleet™