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VidFleet™ FAQ

How does VidFleet™ vehicle surveillance work?

VidFleet™ is an innovative video capture system which uses predictive technology to detect when a safety-critical event may be occurring. Recording is triggered when symptoms of dangerous or reactive driving behaviors, like hard braking and excessive speed, are detected. A sample of the footage is then sent, via email, to a designated party. This footage can be reviewed, stored, and shared at their discretion.

How do I select the best dashboard camera for my operation?

When choosing your dash cam, consider your primary objectives. Are you simply looking for a way to document and review safety-critical driving events? The CP1 and KP1S cameras both provide high-definition video footage that can be reviewed, stored, and shared by the appropriate parties.

If you want a dual dash cam view of both the road ahead and the vehicle’s operator, the KP1S features an optional secondary camera which can be used to record from an in-cab perspective.

What’s the benefit of having commercial dash cams in my vehicles?

The primary benefit fleet owners enjoy with commercial dashboard cameras is visibility. VidFleet™ provides HD footage of the events leading up to, during, and immediately following an incident. This footage is sent directly to your email, so you get a front seat view of these critical moments. With the valuable insight this provides, you can improve your driver training strategy, defend against fraudulent or unfair claims, and keep a protective eye on your most valuable assets.

How do I install dash cams in my vehicles?

VidFleet™ dash cam installation should only be performed by a qualified individual or professional installer. You can download installation guides for the KP1S and CP1 cameras from our website.

How does VidFleet™ help me defend against false insurance claims?

In the immediate aftermath of a traffic accident, there are often more questions than answers. Without video evidence, the parties involved often have to depend on driver anecdotes and witness statements when re-creating the events leading up to the incident.

False and fraudulent claims can have a devastating impact on your fleet insurance costs and reputation. The clear documentation provided by VidFleet™ cameras can help you defend your drivers, discourage auto insurance fraud, and resolve claims quickly.

I trust my drivers. Why should I monitor them?

Commercial driver training has proven extremely effective at producing safer, smarter, and more efficient drivers. In fact, commercial truck drivers are found at fault in less than 25% of serious collisions. Unfortunately, no amount of safety training or monitoring can control for the unpredictability of other drivers. That’s where VidFleet™ comes in. Fleet surveillance captures the critical events surrounding an accident, recording and showing exactly what your drivers were doing at the time. This footage can be used to combat inaccurate claims of driver fatigue, distraction, and unsafe or unlawful driving behaviors.