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What You See

You train your drivers. You inspect your vehicles. You do everything you can to protect your people, assets, and reputation. But there are some things you can’t control.

Other drivers are plentiful and unpredictable. A single slip-up or fraudulent insurance claim can have devastating consequences for your operation. VidFleet™ vehicle dash cam systems provide the insight and evidence you need to defend against the unpredictable.

With clear footage and tamper-proof cameras, our fleet surveillance systems let you see more than ever before.

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Why It Matters

Evidence has shown that consumer car drivers are at fault in the vast majority of accidents involving a commercial vehicle or truck. When it comes to resolving insurance claims, however, this fact is rarely taken into consideration.

Dashboard camera accident footage often provides a valuable perspective on what occurred during (and leading up to) an incident, helping to resolve claims quickly and fairly.

With VidFleet™, you can protect your business’ reputation, defend against fraudulent insurance claims, and lower your risk of costly rate hikes with the power of video proof.

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Vehicle crashes cost the American economy nearly $871 billion in economic loss and societal harm.

The average collision claim is $3,144.

Every year, there are an average of 4,626 crashes involving large vehicles.

Every year, there are an average of 37,675 fatal crashes.

Protection. Prevention. Proof.

Professional Fleet Dashboard Cameras by VidFleet™

HD Commercial Dashboard Camera

The VidFleet™ CP1 puts you in the cab of every vehicle in your fleet with a 170° dash cam view of the road ahead and around your drivers. No more uncertainty, no more blind spots. VidFleet™ lets you be everywhere at once…without ever having to leave the office.
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Dual Dash Cam for Total Visibility

With forward-facing and in-cab video capture, the KP1S offers the most complete view of the drive possible. Improve driver training, ensure compliance with safety standards, and protect your staff with the power of two-way visibility and in-cab video capture.

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