Vehicle Maintenance: For the Short Term (Winter Prep) and the Long Haul (Overhaul, That Is)

Winter Truck Tires

Winter Truck Tires[companyInfo]

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How to prep your truck for Old Man Winter

Nothing tests a truck’s readiness for climate change like a hard, frigid blast of arctic air. That’s why winter preparation is an annual event for owner-operators, whether based in Minot, N.D., or Shreveport, La. Basic preparation can pay big dividends by avoiding unnecessary downtime.

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Engine Overhaul: Good Maintenance, High-quality Components Support Engine Life

While following manufacturers’ recommended maintenance procedures will ensure the longest possible life of a fleet’s engines, eventually there may come a time when an overhaul is necessary. Particularly, as fleets strive to maximize uptime and equipment life, reman engines, which are rebuilt from the bottom up according to very stringent guidelines, are becoming more popular.

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NAFA Releases New Business Management Guide For Fleet Managers

Today’s fleet managers need to know as much about business management as they do about the vehicles in their fleet.  As fleet management has evolved over the years, the duties of a fleet manager have increased.  Fleet managers today are required to deal with all aspects of business from law to human resources; emergency operations to strategic partnering; from effective RFP writing to constructing fleet policies and procedures. NAFA’s new Business Management Guide provides a wealth of professional fleet references and resources that can help fleet managers with the myriad of intricacies involved in their job.

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