Two Fortune 500 Companies – One Green Mission

Hybrid Vehicles Further Reduction of Emissions

Hybrid Vehicles Further Reduction of Emissions[companyInfo]

Lowe’s Launches Natural Gas Fleet

Lowe’s recently launched a dedicated fleet of natural gas-powered trucks at its regional distribution center in Mount Vernon, Texas.
With the transition from a diesel-fueled fleet to trucks powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), Lowe’s expects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions nearly 20 percent and….

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GM to Offer Bi-Fuel Chevrolet Impala Sedan

General Motors will build a Chevrolet Impala sedan for retail and fleet customers that operates on either gasoline or compressed natural gas (CNG), GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson recently announced.¬†Expected to go on sale next summer as a 2015 model, Akerson unveiled the car during remarks at an energy summit marking the 40th anniversary of the OPEC Oil Embargo, an event attended by…

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