Transportation: What’s Down the Road For Funding the Nation’s Highways?


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States gain control by saying ‘no’ to federal transportation money

Though radically rethinking funding strategies that have been in place for decades is by no means easy, it’s largely being considered by many at the state government level as the only way to bring the U.S. freight transportation network back up to full speed.

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Shuster Urges Quiet Approach to Highway Funding

With the House and Senate going to conference on a Water Resources Development bill, the way is clear for transportation committees in both chambers to take up reauthorization of the federal highway program.

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Video: How IIHS Preps for Crash Tests

A lot goes into preparing a vehicle before it’s sent hurtling toward a barrier in an IIHS crash test. A new web video takes viewers through the complex process.  “Inside IIHS: Preparing for a crash test” shows how technicians at the IIHS Vehicle Research Center attend to every detail to ensure a smooth crash test with results that can be easily measured and compared with other vehicles.

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