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GPS Trailer Tracking Devices

GPS Trailer Tracking Solution

For a reliable, long-term solution that tracks and monitors trailers and equipment deployed in the field, GPSTrackIt’s Trailer Tracker provides product durability and reliable reporting.

Up to 7 years of tracking
Runs on either GSM or CDMA cellular networks
Motion and Off Hour Alerts
Power Disconnect Alerts
Updates up to every 6 hours
View all devices on map and history

Daily Tracking and Theft Protection

Designed for long term use with an over-sized battery, users will be able to track and monitor assets, while improving recovery times of stolen or damaged property that has been deployed in locations off-site for long periods of time. GPS Trailer Tracking has never been easier.

Know location of all trailers and assets
Prevent theft and misuse with real-time alerts
Be alerted of unit arrivals
Proof of drop offs
Easily locate units and manage large inventories
Streamline deliveries and distribution of goods
Match trucks to trailers for organized reporting

Mobile Apps: iOS and Android
Locate mobile devices on demand*
Group Units
Landmark Updates
Off Hours and Motion Sensor Alerts
Alerts for Low Battery and Stopped Reporting
Unlimited Sub-Users and Unique Alert Settings

Know the location of all trailers and assets