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Heavy Equipment Tracking

6-Month Backup Battery
Motion Sensor Detection
Weather-Resistant Casing

heavy equipment tracking devices

Off-Site Insights

Do you worry about leaving your trailers and heavy equipment unattended? You’re not alone—theft and vandalism of unattended equipment is an expensive and all-too-common occurrence.

Every business that uses heavy equipment knows the risks of leaving their assets in the field, where they can be subject to theft and unauthorized use. With GPS asset and heavy equipment monitoring, you get the reassurance of knowing exactly where your assets are at all times.

...Great Way to Keep Track Of Equipment!

“We used to keep track of our equipment’s location on paper…now we have almost 200 pieces of equipment and it would be nearly impossible to keep track of it without GPS Trackit.”

– Jaimie Estrada , Michael Morris & Son Trucking, Inc.

Monitor More, Pay Less

Designed to monitor and protect your heavy equipment, GPS Trackit’s trailer and heavy equipment tracking device provides a cost-effective, reliable asset tracking solution for every business. Protect your valuable assets and improve the visibility of your mobile inventory with live tracking, cellular coverage, and GPS data.

Equipment tracking devices help keep your assets safe.

GPS heavy equipment tracking can prove hugely beneficial for construction fleets.

Powerful Heavy Equipment Tracking Devices

Can’t make it to the office? Don’t worry—our heavy equipment tracking devices can be accessed from just about anywhere. Keep tabs on your valuable equipment from your mobile device or desktop computer. Create landmarks, set up alerts for after-hours use, and receive real-time updates wherever you are.


Recover Faster

Everyone, even your most responsible workers, makes mistakes. Unfortunately, if these mistakes involve expensive equipment, they can end up costing your company tens of thousands.

Heavy equipment tracking devices don’t just show you where your equipment is—they offer you improved workforce visibility and peace of mind. By alerting dispatchers and managers to potential equipment misuse and fraud, these devices don’t just assist in the recovery of lost assets—they help keep equipment from getting lost in the first place.

Automate Your Construction Fleet

Keep up with changing schedules, drivers, and delivery locations with dashboard control of your entire construction fleet.

Engine Hours Logging
Inventory Management & Control
Employee Job Site Arrivals / Departures
Monitor Equipment Usage with PTO Event Tracking

On-Demand GPS Vehicle & Equipment Location
100% Satellite Coverage in Rural & Remote Areas
Vehicle Maintenance Notifications
Text Message/Email Alerts when Equipment Arrives/Leaves Sites

Your Data, Your Decisions
With our GPS vehicle tracking, your data is stored indefinitely, never archived.

Reliable Asset Tracking
Set up alerts and notifications to trigger when the trailer tracking device detects unauthorized use.

Rapid Recovery
When you know exactly where your equipment is at all times, nothing stays lost for long.

Protect your equipment.

Outsmart thieves and prevent misuse.