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Keep Employees On Task

Promote Transparency

Encourage Productivity

Protect Your Business from Time Theft

Employee time theft, if left unchecked, can sabotage the productivity and bottom line of any business. There are countless things that can tempt employees to abandon the task at hand and spend company time on personal pursuits. With GPS fleet tracking, you can make sure your employees stay productive and accountable for the time they spend on the clock.

Ensure Payroll Accuracy
Reinforce Company Expectations
Increase Workforce Visibility
Keep Policies Consistent
Identify Productivity Issues

It's not about tracking your employees, it's about protecting your business.

Few things can erode company morale faster than a manager who makes employees feel like they’re not trustworthy. While some employees feel empowered and protected by a sense of supervision, it can be difficult to convey this to others without coming off as suspicious or overly critical.

GPS vehicle tracking systems offer fleet managers an unobtrusive way to monitor employee activity within their company vehicles. The presence of GPS tracking devices in fleet vehicles encourages accountability on the part of the driver while allowing management to avoid the potential pitfalls of constant, hands-on supervision.

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