The Transportation Bill in the News for Week Ending 3/17/2012

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This weeks news focus is the transportation industry.

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More than $26M in Clean Transportation Funding Available

With a transportation bill recently passing in the Senate, the focus is on improving infrastructure, increasing telematics for V2V, V2X, and V2I, and improving vehicle emissions.

The Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee’s 2011-2012 Work Program has announced it has $26M available for projects.

Companies are realizing the benefits of going green. Retrofitting and establishing a GPS solution are simple ways to begin greening the company fleet.

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Senate Passes 2 Year Transportation Bill

The economic crunch is being felt everywhere, especially within the transportation industry.

As gas prices continue to soar, so do the number of transit riders choosing to take the bus or the subway.

It is said the legislation would spur hiring in the construction industry where firms should begin buying equipment and hiring permanent workers.

Implementing asset protection and monitoring solutions for the equipment for these companies is a small step in the right direction to saving revenue to put back into infrastructure works, at a company by company level, but ultimately benefiting the industry as a whole.

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What Environmental Groups Really Dislike about the House Transportation Bill

The Senate has passed a $109M two year transportation bill. However, it does not come without the concerns of environmental groups questioning the protection against increased emissions.

The NEPA presents some very valid concerns regarding the affects of various sections of the transportation bill and how it relates to the environment.

With benefits for companies looking to make retrofits and establish other options to greening their fleet, such as a GPS tracking device, the potential for positive good coming from the transportation bill is there if parties can come together and work efficiently toward a common goal.

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Photo by Wally Skalij