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20 Tips to Drastically Improve Driver Behavior

driver behavior

  Want to know how to improve driver behavior to enhance the efficiency of your fleet? Whether you are running a healthcare business or school, vehicles are an integral part of it. Managing the fleet of vehicles is nothing short of a daunting task and fleet managers have to...

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GPSTrackIt.com/ in 2013: A Big Year for GPS Vehicle Tracking Leadership in Safety, Efficiency, Mobility and Global Coverage

Happy New 2014

Temecula, CA  December 16th, 2013 – The year 2013 was a ‘landmark’ year for GPSTrackIt.com/, a longtime leader in GPS tracking and fleet management solutions. The company released almost a dozen new products and services.  The releases run the gamut, from hardware to software, and include several first-to-market alerts to monitor...

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GPSTrackIt.com/’s Newest Innovation Protects Mobile Personnel

Keep in Touch with Home Care Nurses with GPS SmartPhone Tracking.

Temecula, CA  September 16th, 2013 – GPSTrackIt.com/’s latest innovation is a Driver Status feature designed to optimize and protect mobile personnel while away from vehicles. Driver Status enables dispatchers and fleet managers to not only see positioning for a vehicle at any given time, but – separately – where...

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Six Ways Driver Tablet Site Enhances GPS Tracking for Services Industry

GPS Tracking Driver Tablet Site

If your business provides services to multiple customers in different locations throughout the day, you need a solution that will help you streamline your operations and save money at the same time. Managing a mobile workforce comes with many challenges, including keeping track of drivers, providing timely service to...

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