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08 Sep, 2016

5 Customer Problems You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Your company can't afford to ignore these five issues.

  It’s often easy for companies to identify and address their customers’ major pain points, since customers tend to be very vocal about these. But there are typically a number of ambient concerns which both customers and the companies they patronize may not even be conscious of…that is, until...

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Seven Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Service Industries

GPS Tracking Benefits Service Industry by Reducing Costs, Improving Customer Service

Success in a service industry depends on a number of factors, including quick response times, accurate billing, and superior customer service. While it is essential to have well-trained employees, it is also important for them to have the right tools. GPS fleet tracking gives your employees the information they...

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Security Company Uses GPS Tracking Device to Keep Customers Happy

SSA Security Group, Inc., a Chatsworth, Ca. business founded in 1991, is dedicated to providing outstanding, professional security services. Using “highly trained and experienced” police officers committed to improving the quality of life within their communities, SSA provides a fleet of three officers to secure and patrol in the...

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Security Protection Group is Providing a Higher Level of Customer Service Using GPS

GPS tracking device

“Clients we service often ask how many times our vehicle has checked their location. We are now able to ascertain all the information they require” – Larry Chamberlain COMPANY: SSA Security Group, Inc. LOCATION: Chatsworth, California INDUSTRY: Services FLEET SIZE: Small WEBSITE: www.ssa-securitygroup.com/ SSA Security Group, Inc. was founded...

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